Learn a new old technique for forecasting your year ahead! Annual Profections were first discussed in western texts over 2000 years ago. They recently came back into astrological toolkits when the technique was recovered during translations of ancient astrological texts during the 1990s.

Annual Profections are a technique to pinpoint the topical themes of a year, and which transits are the most important ones to track. Annual profections also work by identifying the planet that rules the year. In this class you will learn how best to work with that planet.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to determine which area of life will be at the forefront for any given year

  • How to determine which planet is the time lord, the planet that will be the ruler of the year

  • What to anticipate with the time lord and how to work with its planetary function

  • How to use the solar return chart to get a more accurate sense of the year ahead

  • How to take your work with transits to the next level of information using annual profections

The class includes chart examples, step by step instruction, and in class participation with a group of folks who are also excited about adding another tool to their toolkit.

This class is best for people who have a solid foundation in astrology, and who have developed at an intermediate or advanced level of knowledge. You should be comfortable with astrological terminology, know the basics of the meanings of the planets, signs, and houses. We will take it from there, together.

Your purchase includes the class recording in MP3 format, as well as a pdf of the slides.

Materials are delivered within 10 hours of purchase via Dropbox link to download!



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  1. […] To promote my Annual Profections class taking place online on December 29th, I have been creating material that showcases the technique in action. I’ve posted some bits of the technique on Instagram, and copied them here for my blog audience. If you’re interested in learning the technique, it’d be my pleasure to show you how to work with it! The class is two hours long and your registration includes a pdf of the slides as well as the recording of the class, and the chance to ask all the questions you want. We might even do some volunteer charts if we’re into it.¬†Click here to sign up!¬† […]

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