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Today we will enter eclipse season, with the first New Moon of 2019 tonight at 8:28pm ET occurring at 15 degrees Capricorn. 

Over the duration of eclipse season, pace of time and speed of events seem to quicken. A greater amount of activity is sandwiched in the time between eclipses, resulting in the feeling that a lot more life is lived during this time.

The eclipse time zone contains the effect of amplifying the qualities of the situations in our lives, as well as how we feel about them. There is the potential for a distortion effect here, because eclipses are events that are characterized by an unusual occurrence — the actual light of the Sun or Moon being blocked out and interrupted for a period of time — giving eclipse seasons a tinge of feeling extreme.

For that reason it is recommended that a person wait until the eclipse lunar dust has settled before, say, quitting a job, or jumping into or out of a relationship, unless there is absolute clarity about taking such a course of action.

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The Dragon’s Head and Tail

Eclipses are lunations that are tied to the nodal axis. Each eclipse occurs with an accompanying surge or outflux of energy, depending on its nearness to the north node or the south node of the Moon.

The first eclipse of this month will be South Node eclipse in a sign known for its cautiousness, shrewdness, and calculation. It is also quite close to both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

Taking place in a cardinal earth sign, this eclipse configuration speaks of the initiation of events that lead to an alteration of the existing structures in one’s life. The symbolism suggests that it is likely that a structure will be modified, removed, or morphed in some way so that something new can enter or take its place.

To cooperate with this eclipse, meditate on the themes of icy eternal vigilance, the wisdom and clarity in emptiness, ruthless examination of one’s use of time and energy commitments, and a healthy tango with the application of discipline to areas of one’s life.

Both Saturn and the South Node orbit the qualities of negation and reduction. On a spiritual level, they both also have to do with the alternate forms of knowing and understanding that are uncovered, when the traditional reliance on the indulgence of sense forms of knowing are denied.

What is astrologically on target right now:

* Mindful elimination

* Cultivating a committed practice in some area of life that for some reason seems difficult or hard to surmount (but would bend or give with the thoughtful application of attention and concentration)

* Physical resetting via exercise, meditation, yoga

* Space clearing – decluttering, keeping living/working/driving spaces clean and tidy

image by Archives New Zealand on flickr

Eclipse Tips

  • Keep an eclipse journal. This is the easiest thing to do, because all that needs to happen is that you observe and record what is happening your life. If you keep this up for a full year, next year you will have a record of events to check next year’s eclipse cycles against, and a useful barometer of how eclipses show up for you.

  • Keep composure. Eclipses produce fast moving events, which can be tempting to respond to reactively. Do what you need to do to get centered before making any life altering decisions. When in doubt, surrender to the goodness that is always holding you.

  • Because one of the lights of life is being obscured during the time of an eclipse, they are not considered auspicious times to initiate anything. The best thing to do is mitigate their influence. Keep out of the light of the eclipse. Clear your space and fill it with positive intent by actively creating and radiating positive thought forms, or having uplifting mantra music playing, infusing your space with its vibrations.

  • For the Saturn eclipse, release any tendency toward guilt, worry, or shame. Instead, act, and shake the cosmos with your own will to push forward rather than be crushed by downward pressure.

Wishing you a beautiful and grounded eclipse season!


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I’m fulfilling an intention of giving myself more attention this year, and have listened to your generous illumination several times to take notes and plug into my 2019 calendar the remediations that you suggest. Thank you for mapping out the profection of the year, looking into my solar return and going into nitty gritty through the transits in my chart. Your readings have always been cutting – hitting the bull’s eye as you aim and remain true. I trust your work deeply, and I am so grateful of connecting with you from my side of the world! ~S.P. in the Phillipines.


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