This year has been thematically focused on an intensely concentrated storyline. Mars has spent the bulk of the year in two signs, with most of that time — about 150 days — in Aquarius alone. One area of life has had an incredible amount of martial energy pumped into it for the past couple of seasons. And the quality of that hot, fast, physical martial energy has been Aquarian — cerebral, alien, sustained. In his book on the decans of the zodiac, 36 Faces, Austin Coppock describes this area of the zodiac as containing the concepts of breaking with the herd and of the fruits found in intentional exclusion.

Now that extended 2018 storyline changes. Mars enters Pisces today, November 16th at 5:21 pm EST. And with it, a shift is palpable. 

When the planets move, the changes above refract and reflect in our lives as well. This year, as Mars finally enters a new sign, it joins a corral of other new situations in our lives. It also gives a sweet reprieve to the area of life that has been hosting Mars for close to half of the year. 

Transition spaces and moments are liminal and holy. They are spaces that ask us to suspend the drive to direct, strive, plan, and project. In these spaces so many new things can come forth, and they ask us to dance with them in an interplay of surrender and intentional vision. And that’s also a fair description of how Mars performs in Pisces. 

Perhaps you might like to see Mars in Aquarius off by taking a moment to reflect on its tenure in Aquarius. It first entered Aquarius in May, and is departing today. Reflection taking a physical form — using the body as a instrument for reverie, would be a fitting ode to Mars. This can look like journaling or dancing or painting or exercise. Welcome the shift of focus and open to the newness now arriving.  

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