Hello! I’m Ichrak — pronounced “eeshrock”. 

I am a California-based astrologer in practice since 2014. I share astrological insights that blends traditional astrology with a yogic philosophy of life.

My hope and goal in sharing astrology is to bring people back home to themselves and their own wholeness. Astrology is an incredible tool that can help us step outside of our own narratives. It provides a frame of reference to understand ourselves and our own natural tendencies. It also provides a description of the quality of a period of time, and suggestions for how best to act within that period of time. This offers tremendous benefits. It can reduce mental/emotional anguish and suffering because it provides a broader point of view of what’s going on in a given moment. It gives us the opportunity to step into a larger outlook that can, broaden, support, and balance our own interpretation of what’s happening. 

It also helps us to surrender to a larger plan and a larger flow. 

My Story

I started getting into astrology in 2009. Around this time in my life I was very outwardly focused. I can’t say I had much of an interior life at all. Well, it was probably there, but I just didn’t pay attention to it! After I got into a car accident that left me with a fractured pelvis, I was forced to turn away from outer activity and stay home while I recovered. It was during those several months at home that my inner world started to unfurl like a very tender blossom. Set apart from typical mundane concerns, I naturally gravitated toward exploring the mystical and spiritual. I read extensively on spiritual topics and  learned about tarot and astrology online, becoming totally consumed with it. 

In 2013, I started studying under my astrology teacher Adam Elenbaas, now Acyuta-Bhava Dasa, of Nightlight Astrology. I was fortunate to study under his guidance, leadership, and tutelage for several years. 

From 2018 to now, as my spiritual practice has grown in importance in my life, I have gone through many rounds of questioning the role of astrology in my life. At times I have wondered what astrology has to offer me if I surrender to the calling of my soul; if all the wisdom I need resides within me, what, truly, does astrology have to say to me that I cannot find by self-reflection and contemplation, and constant communion with my inner self.

With this line of questioning, this is where I have now arrived: Yes – communion with the voice of my soul can give good guidance, great guidance, the best guidance, if I am quiet enough and prepared enough to listen. But, as I move through life’s waves and polarities, that communion is sometimes difficult to maintain. I found myself coming back to astrology again, being pleasantly reminded of how helpful its guidance can be. 

It is a system that is always ready to provide guidance. I can receive its wisdom at any time, in a language that provides a clarifying frame on my life. I find it helpful that, for example, I can know that I am having a certain experience in my home life, let’s say, and the language of astrology provides an uncanny description of what I am going through. Further, I know what’s asked of me with respect to that experience. I can make a choice to act in a higher way. I can make elevated choices that are in alignment with the call of my soul at that time.. And I know how long this influence or experience is going to last, and therefore the window of opportunity to work with the energy to move through this particular karma.

How We Can Work Together

Would you like astrological insight on your life? Would you like to learn the language of the motions of the heavenly bodies?

Birth Chart Reading 

This is a good choice for those who are having an astrology reading for the first time, or having a session with me for the first time. In these readings I discuss your natal chart for 30 minutes and take 30 minutes to provide a 6-12 month forecast. I always encourage discussion and questions over the course of the reading.

Year Ahead Reading 2022

I am now offering Year Ahead Readings for 2022. This 60 minute reading is a comprehensive overview of the astrology of 2022 as it pertains to your birth chart and life. It includes an analysis of the transits and uses the technique of annual profections to determine your personal theme for the year. You have the option of having a live reading via Zoom, with recording sent to you afterward, or just having the recording sent to you. 

Starwatcher’s Sanctuary 

The Starwatcher’s Sancutary is a self-paced, 4-module course to help you learn to read the language of the heavens. It opens for enrollment twice a year. Click here to sign up for the interest list. 


My baseline belief and truth is that the human incarnation is an exalted state of being, and the purpose of the human birth is to liberate ourselves from the wheel of rebirth, coming back to this earth and experiencing suffering. It is noble to serve other people while we are here. We have other goals, like having a good family life, finding fulfilling relationships, giving back to our mother earth, having satisfying careers, yet these are all tools to assist in our spiritual growth; they are not ends in themselves. 

A core teaching that  I encounter in many great spiritual master’s teachings, is that we must ACT, and we must ACT within the bounds of our dharma — our particular incarnational mission on this earth. Just as Arjuna was reluctant to fight and kill his near and dear ones on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, yet nevertheless was compelled to fight by Lord Krishna because it was Arjuna’s duty as a warrior — we each have a duty that is specific to our particular incarnation that we must not turn our back on and that we must act out. You being you is your contribution to humanity. So, the description of “you” as a jiva, as an individual soul,  is shown in the birth chart. 

A perennial question and topic of exploration for me is the topic of how fixed our karma is. This is something I am always keen to hear about from spiritual masters and those with spiritual accomplishment. I share the view of my teacher. To the question, can we change our karma? The answer is yes, through meditation, through prayer, through conscious exertion and action, through making clear and conscious choices that defy the gravitational force of our repeatedly carved neural grooves of behavior tendencies.

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