An astrology reading is a way to uncover information about your path in life, and the most natural expression of your identity. It is a way to build a cohesive narrative about your life, whether looking at the past, present, or future. Your natal chart can describe you in great detail, and this can be very validating for people. Yet the chart is also a commentary on other areas of your life, including the personalities of people in your life and, in some cases,  the situations they experience at a given moment in time. 

To purchase an astrology reading, the below information is requested: 

Time of birth is important to giving you the most accurate information that I can. However, if you do not have your time of birth, or it is unknown or unobtainable, then you may still choose to move forward with booking a reading. Without a time of birth, I will be able to give you more general information based a solar chart, which puts the Sun at the ascendant. If you have ever read your horoscope, this is the method that is used to write your Sun sign horoscope. 

What to expect

Astrology readings take place via Zoom. Readings via Zoom are recorded for you and sent to you afterward. In instances where time zones present a timing conflict, readings can be recorded for you and sent to you. 

For a Zoom reading, I will give you the room link in advance of the date and time of your scheduled reading. When we get on, I usually ask you if you’d like to share anything about yourself or expand on information you provided

If you would like to request a recorded reading because a time zone conflict, please e-mail me at ichrak.dahou [at] gmail [dot] com.

Types of Astrology Readings

Birth Chart Reading and Forecast – 60 minutes

This reading is a good choice for people who are having a session with me for the first time. In these readings I take about 30 minutes to discuss the natal chart, and 30 minutes to provide a 6-12 month forecast. I always encourage discussion and questions over the course of the reading.

Returning Client Reading – 60 minutes

In this reading we explore the topics you have in mind. Clients typically want to have an astrological read on the next  3-12 months or there is a change in their life they are navigating and want some astrological insight into it. During these readings there is an opportunity to take a closer look at deeper layers of natal chart analysis using tools like progressions, experiences with past planetary themes, and finer details of the natal chart itself. Returning clients receive a courtesy $20 discount on readings.

Year Ahead Readings

I am now offering Year Ahead Readings for 2022. This 60 minute reading is a comprehensive overview of the astrology of 2022 as it pertains to your birth chart and life. It includes an analysis of the transits and uses the technique of annual profections to determine your personal theme for the year. You have the option of having a live reading via Zoom, with recording sent to you afterward, or just having the recording sent to you.

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My Approach

I always aim to lead my clients back to their own wholeness, and to reliance on their own innate inner wisdom. That we can be the source, for ourselves, of all the answers and guidance we require is the bedrock of my belief system. But there is no doubt in my heart or mind that at certain points along the path, astrology can be a sign post with a lamp hanging from it. 


Once a reading is purchased, no refunds are provided. However, if you need to re-schedule your reading, I am happy to do so.

Cancellation Policy and Rescheduling Readings

As a courtesy, please give 24+ hours notice if you must cancel your reading when possible. Readings can be rescheduled for a future date if the original date needs to be canceled for a legitimate reason. 

Other Notes:

Please note that I do all readings using whole sign houses.

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