5 Stand Out Astrological Events of May 2018

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Jessie Arms Botke. Via wikimedia commons.

Sun in Taurus opposite Jupiter in Scorpio  – May 8, 2018

The Sun stands 180 degrees away from Jupiter in the sky. This is Jupiter’s Full Moon moment in its yearly cycle. Jupiter is fully illuminated. After the Sun goes down, in the heart of the night (midnight), look directly overhead, and Jupiter will be reigning over the night sky.

For some of us, this is a time when Jupiter’s blessings become apparent. The rhythm of Jupiter in one’s life comes into the harvest season. If for you, Jupiter is presently taking on a spiritual expression, spirituality and contact with other saintly people will be enhanced. If Jupiter is taking on a pursuit toward scholarship, during this moment Jupiter illuminates what it is offering in that area of life.

In general, Jupiter has to do with joyful winning, and doing so with honesty. Jupiter does also signify accumulating wealth, along with other forms of resourceful growth. Hopefulness is another important form of Jupiterian resourcefulness, because this inner quality lends itself to expecting something good to happen as we turn the next corner. During its Full Moon moment, Jupiter’s expression is on glowing display.

The Sun is the egoic expression life. It is the stage and the activities of life. Being colored by Jupiter, we ourselves feel more generous. Minds turn toward what is possible, rather than what’s simply present. This is a good time to make a wish.

Mars enters Aquarius, joins the South Node – May 16, 2018

In several forms of astrology, and across geographic locations, the South Node is considered to have qualities of draining and diminishment of form.  It is associated with past lives, spiritual challenges, and unprofitable modes of being and behaving. In the Vedic tradition, while still considered a malefic shadowy planet, the South Node is positively associated with inner reflection.

The South Node has been in Aquarius since May 2017. It would be interesting to note where the South Node in Aquarius is transiting for you, especially if you have planets in the first 10 degrees of Aquarius, where the South Node is now moving.

By the time Mars enters Aquarius, it will already have crossed the place where it will station direct in late August, after being retrograde for two months. The Mars retrograde storyline will have started from May 11. Mars is already slowing down its pace, having the effect of pulling the reins on its significations of impulsive action, or egoic me-first assertion.

While Mars is participating in this slowing dance with the South Node, it is most beneficial to take the reflective approach to Mars-related actions, especially Mars in Aquarius related ones. It would also be helpful to note the house in your birth chart where Mars and the South Node are transiting, the natal Mars configuration, and any aspects transiting Mars is making in this time frame.

Here are several possible ways Mars slowing in Aquarius and joining the South Node might show up:

  • A draining or diminishment of egoic, blindly assertive, impulsive, physical energy

  • Masculine aggression is wittled away

  • Masculine type aggression experiences consequences

  • Organized group uprising against unsavory, toxic, out of control, destructive masculinity

  • Cultural, group-level reflection on various dimensions of the present day

  • It is a good time for refinement of aggressive impulses, and not a good time for hostility, blind and broad-sweeping alienation, participating in unthoughtful punishment, revenge, or exclusion.

  • It is a good time to reflect on the forms harm takes, and to develop thoughtful modes of action toward minimizing harm that are meant to last.

  • Harm and destruction also exists in systemic forms. It is a good time to join with others who are reflecting on and acting in such ways to minimize and eradicate those forms of harm.

Mercury in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn and then square Mars in Capricorn  – May 7 – May 12, 2018

Because Mercury went retrograde in Aries, it has been in this area of the sky for quite some time. One area of life has received an incredible amount of mental focus since March 6th.

Now as Mercury resumes its typical speed, it creates tense aspects with the more challenging planets of Pluto and Mars.

The psyche is penetrating with Mercury and Pluto in aspect. This is symbolic of the mind of the researcher who leaves no stone unturned, and who investigates the slightest scent of a lead that presents itself. It is an animalistic type of awareness of the mind. However, the square, with Capricorn involved, may produce negative tension, where a certain outcome or goal is being searched for. Instead of allowing the revelation to be what emerging naturally, an over-emphasis on trying to find something in particular hinders the reality of what is being found. The mind is powerful – direct it toward constructive ends.

While Mercury makes contact with Mars, mouths and minds may wish to blow! Definitely keep that quicksilver, thrashing tongue under your control. Do find ways to assert thoughts, desires, observations, analysis. The mental energies are strong at this time, and they are intimately tied with the ego energies. They do have to be expressed. Do attempt to express them in a way that is not intentionally harmful. Doing that might set you back several steps on you way to getting what you actually want out of a situation.

Uranus enters Taurus – May 15, 2018

This is the big astrological shift that adds to the momentum of other recent major astrological events. Uranus changes signs every 7 years, and it has not been in Taurus since the 1930’s.

We are all beginning to feel the initial tremors of this shift. In our personal lives, we may feel an itch for change and freedom, or see change and freedom on the horizon. In societies, change is pulsing under the surface of the earth, preparing to erupt.

Taurus is a sign that has to do with resources in the way they are most popularly conceived of – money, capital, land, and control over these things.

Uranus is equal parts all of the following, with some qualities coming to the fore in more amplified ways than others at different times: liberator, magician, unpredictable sh*t-stirrer, rebel without a cause, agitator, rebel with a cause, divine inspiration, the spirit of the future, the hexagonal peg forever without a hexagonal hole.

The stirrings of Uranus in Taurus can be seen in the following social initiatives:

  • Bernie Sanders’ Universal Job Guarantee proposal

  • Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s bill proposal to offer numerous banking services at post offices

  • Teacher strikes for pay increases and other improvements working conditions in West Virginia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Arizona

Because Uranus is an outer planet, its impact reverberates from the personal to the broader social levels.

But, on the personal level, if you are a Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius born in the first 3 days of your sign, this energy will make itself apparent in your life through the remainder of the year. It is the opening part of a story with several installations. If you know your chart and you have other planets or points in the first degrees of fixed signs, or the yin signs, you will feel these more intimately, too.

Of course there is much more to say on this topic, and I will be sharing more information about it soon, so check back here!

Sun in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn  – May 12, 2018

This aspect brings constructive attention to the forms that are ready to fall away from our lives. Awareness of new aspects of our lives that are ready to emerge from the charred remains of the old are now arising. I am using dramatic language because Pluto is a dramatic planet. It becomes apparent that the relevant past situations are inappropriate in their past or current form. The resources generated by the awareness of the contracting nature of a dead or dying situation are the fuel used to profoundly morph and shape a new, more desirable one.

Any actual profound change most often requires a re-wiring and re-writing of emotional patterns of disposition. In yoga philosophy, the truth is contained in the heart, and it spirals out into iterative representations of itself in the actions we take and the words we speak. To make a profound change in oneself is to begin by knowing the scripts in the heart, and with that awareness, working to add to them what is beneficial, take away from them what is harmful, heal them from suffering, and remold or transmute them.

Wishing you a wonderful month of May!


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