Birth Chart Reading and Forecast


A 60 minute personality and future trends analysis with a focus on your questions and interests.

Your astrology reading is based on your birth chart, which is created from the date, time, and place of birth.

I offer one of two session types.  The first session type is focused around a specific question or area of focus you bring to your reading. Here, instead of offering a fuller personality and life trends analysis, we focus on the issue or issues you are bringing to the table. We discuss what is going on in your life in the context of understanding yourself, your history with this issue, and the dynamics at play from an astrological point of view. I offer my insight on how to improve the situation based on the symbolism in your chart.

A 6-12 month planetary forecast is included in this reading. I share with you practical expectations and down-to-earth ways to work with the incoming energies.

The second session type is more of a reading. It is a personality and life-trends analysis based on the symbolism in your chart. A  great amount of information can be found in the chart,  so in this reading the most stand-out features of your chart are discussed.

The second part of this reading focuses on future trends. I look at how the planets are interacting with your chart over the next 6-12 months, and offer you information about what to expect, and how best to work with the energy that is coming in. This part of the reading works wonderfully when clients tell me about what is going on in their life, because then I can pin the information to specific narratives of development.

Readings take place via Skype or by phone. All sessions are recorded and sent to you. Make sure to download your session soon after it is sent to you!

My aim is to have you come away from your session with a greater sense of clarity and a greater degree of personal empowerment. Peering behind the veil with the language of astrology is a gift that gives the person who inquires a leg up on spiritual and material improvement in their lives.

I take a proactive approach to working with the changing stellar influences and those that are fixed at the time of one’s birth, and it is this approach I extend to you in your reading with me.


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