This class explores the symbolism of the twelve signs of the zodiac from modern and traditional perspectives. We will learn about the spectrum of expressions of each sign, and some remedial suggestions will be offered for enhancing positive experiences of the signs, and mitigating challenging experiences of the sign. This class will also cover the three modalities – cardinal, fixed, and mutable, and the four elements –  fire, earth, air, water. There will also be a discussion group that will be held either via google groups, Facebook, or another site, where discussion can be continued outside of class.

By the end of this class you will understand the elements and modalities, and be able to describe the main qualities of each sign of the zodiac.

Classes: Four, 90 minute classes
Cost: $80
Classes will be held online via Zoom
All classes will be recorded and recordings will be sent to participants.

This class is appropriate for beginners, and anyone with astrological interest who wants to fill gaps in their knowledge.

Class will be held on Thursday nights at 7 – 8:30pm Eastern time on May 31, June 7, June 14, and June 21.







What past students have said:

Having Ichrak as a mentor in astrology has given me so much insight in the energies surrounding us all. She is great at explaining how the planets work in the different zodiac signs, how they affect each other and their missions in the various areas of life. I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to be taught by her.

Before I got in contact with Ichrak I had read books about astrology, but they didn’t give me the whole picture. It felt as if I had bits and pieces but not the map on how to connect the dots. Thanks to Ichrak I got the help I needed to structure and organize my previous knowledge. That combined with the extra knowledge she taught me has helped me to see the whole picture in a chart and now I can do my own chart readings for other people.   

I recommend Ichrak’s mentoring in astrology from the bottom of my heart. She is structured, organized, and very knowledgeable. She explains in a way that makes a very complex subject much easier to understand.

 I will surely hire Ichrak as a mentor in the future to deepen my knowledge of astrology even more.

~Maria S.


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