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Venus entered Leo on July 12th, where it will stay until August 5th. When a planet changes signs, some subtle mood or overt circumstance changes along with it. The inner planets (Mercury and Venus) change signs more frequently than the outer planets, making this phenomenon observable every 30 days or so, especially when the Sun changes signs, as it will do when it joins Venus in Leo in about 10 days.

Venus in Leo sweetens life in a gregarious way. The qualities of attraction and the state of attracting that Venus governs now happen by nobly highlighting the strengths of others. The ability to do this is often an indicator of the presence of confidence in one’s shining qualities.

Mars is still in Scorpio where it has been since late April. After being at a standstill at 23 degrees Scorpio for over twenty days, it is inching forward faster now, and will ingress Sagittarius on August 2. The time between now and then are excellent for infusing anything you are doing with intensity, focus, and willpower. Mars in Scorpio is wonderful for getting to the the core and root of anything. December 2017 is the next time Mars will rove its home waters in Scorpio, so you may wish to use this energy while it is here.

Getting an astrological consultation to explore your life generally or a specific inquiry you have is a great use of this energy, and a great way to support this independent business.

Jupiter is wrapping up its stay in Virgo. The largest planet in our solar system will ingress Libra on September 9th. The next month and a half are a wonderful time to review and consolidate any information gathered since last August about personal best health practices, processes you have designed to make your life more efficient, your relationship to learning a craft or trade, and your relationship to humility, apprenticeship, and any specific experiences in the place in your chart where Jupiter has been moving through. Jupiter moves through the last two thirds of Virgo until it enters Libra, each of which are successive platforms of incremental progress along these themes, through to culmination in the first week of September.

September will also be eclipse season, and hosts the final Saturn Neptune square. You can read about both of these events in the Year Ahead Guidebook, which is only $22 and is filled with astrological data covering each month from March of 2016 to February 2017. Read a preview and and purchase here.

The ongoing Saturn Neptune square has been extremely challenging for many people. On the personal and individual levels this square has soaked the foundations of something solid. The weight of the water and unnameable, ungraspable, yet somewhat knowable effect of Neptune in Pisces has raised deep currents of depression, uncertainty, and doubt to the surface for many.

In astrology the non-visible outer planets are called transpersonal, describing a quality beyond those that are typical to day to day human life. Their effects are completely impersonal and impartial, and they do not play by the familiar rules; the rules of incarnation of Saturn.

The stories the outer planets raise can only be understood over a much larger time frame than might be convenient for human agendas. The storyline initiated by the first Saturn Neptune square in November 2015 receives its third installment in September 2016, but its full impact will continue to unfold for some time. What is immediately known is what has been revealed by this square has served to deepen souls and provides occasion to develop a relationship with uncertainty. Although an unsimilar uncertainty than the kind that has impacted the millions of Syrian refugees, likely still an important kind. Then there is the question of “why”, why are Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto so impersonal in their effects? What is the ultimate purpose of their doing what they do?

“In a world of diminishing mystery, the unknown persists.” ~ Jhumpa Lahiri

Keep an eye out for more from me soon. And in case you don’t follow me on Facebook, I announced about a week ago that I am currently in New York City teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) for two weeks. I am keeping up with my writing for Atlas Astrology as best I can while I’m here, and of course closely watching, via device and skies, the movements of the planets every day.

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