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Full Moon in Capricorn 6:57 pm EDT July 19, 2016

The decan, a triple division of 10 degrees of each sign of the zodiac, in which this lunar cycle culminates speaks of exercising foresight to shape material reality to meet a defined intention. This process involves discarding illusion and acknowledging material reality as it is, rather than as it is believed to be or as it is hoped to be, now or in the future. That acknowledgement allows space for a reality that is obscured, veiled, unknown, and unpredictable. In such a case, the way things unfold in the realm of the third segment of Capricorn is to firmly guide forces in the direction of achieving an ultimate intention.

A solar kind of singularity pierces this decan of Capricorn. As well, at 27 degrees 40 minutes, this Full Moon falls close to Mars’ exaltation degree. Here Capricorn’s best qualities are highlighted, and although exaltation can be an uncomfortable dignity, it is understandable why Mars finds a third home here (the first two being Aries and Scorpio). Mars, simply, wants things, and its indomitability of desire is matched in Capricorn with a patient perseverance. The meeting of these qualities often assures eventual victory.

In Saturn’s home, as ruler of Capricorn, that victory comes if certain rules are adhered to. The image of the sea goat conjures the mysteries of matter cloaking spirit, serving as a reminder that Saturn governs the laws of the material world, which though predictable are mysterious in their workings, and that attainment, fulfillment and success come with their attendant responsibilities and moral guidelines.

The Sun at 27 degrees 40 minutes of Cancer is also in this sign’s third decan, which speaks simultaneously of refusal of excess, as well as pushing through enough, to obtain more than enough. More than enough assures a lifestyle that allows for the kind of refinement that can appreciate the delicate subtle states and perceptions that are beyond gross matter, and that hold a certain primacy over it in that they precede the creation of the physical.

Cancer Sun and Capricorn Moon both square Uranus at this Full Moon, which adds an element of disruption to the active pursuit of both of these sets of energies. Uranus brings in a primordial chaos, an emphasis on cerebral engagement, and an activation and quickening of the nervous system. It is very helpful to take measures to relax, cleanse, and sooth the nervous system during this lunar cycle, through to the next New Moon. When Uranus is activated, it can also bring in many novel discrete elements, and this usually arrives as large groups of people, but can also come in the form of a mass of differentiated or undifferentiated data and the urges these data compel, or disruption that lands a pile of decisions that need tending to with speed.

As a final note, this New Moon presents challenges but also a significant collection of resources to meet them, especially if the basics of life are carefully administered – nourishing foods and enough rest create conditions for a deeper foresight to be exercised or tapped. Mars is harmoniously aligned with this New Moon, bestowing a thoroughness and strength by its position in the final degrees of its home sign Scorpio – qualities not quite to be seen until Mars re-enters Scorpio in late 2017 (though Mars will enter Capricorn in 2016 and find considerable strength there as well). As luna unsheathes through the next New Moon, tapping into the juxtaposed currents of an ideal state of personal nourishment and the heights of unique personal fulfillment in this lifetime will offer ample fodder for an astrologically eventful August, a month to which this New Moon is in many ways the precursor.



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