Year Ahead Guide 2016-2017

Year Ahead GuideSpring 2016- Spring 2017

This is a beautifully illustrated PDF month-by-month astrological guide to the Spring of 2016 – Spring of 2017. Features descriptions of the New and Full Moon for each month, in addition to describing in detail the astrology of:

* Saturn square Neptune
* Jupiter square Saturn
* Jupiter in Virgo
* Jupiter opposite Chiron
* Jupiter in Libra
* 3 Mercury Retrogrades
* Mars Retrograde
* 64 pages
* 10,000+ words


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March 2016 Preview from the Guidebook:



March is an accelerated vortex month. The equinox, two eclipses, the Jupiter Saturn square and inner planet bodies making contact with outer planet bodies make this a month of fast paced change, new beginnings, and the personal concerns meeting and melding with those of the collective. This is a month of contracting to expand.  Some area of life is undergoing a philosophical overhaul, while another is asking for a proactive sense of responsibility to meet a larger vision of what is possible. This is about keeping the vision – outcome – result in the forefront of your mind and making decisions daily that contribute to that outcome (no small feat ;). This effect of the Jupiter Saturn square is active all month, and is exact on the day of the Full Moon, March 23. That Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse in Libra, a social and marital eclipse that brings relationship matters to a culmination – especially where individuality and self-interest or advancement are involved. There is more opportunity for expansion of structure present from the beginning of the month through the 18th. Jupiter retrograde jetfueled by its trine to Pluto means that growth comes from thoroughly considered beliefs. Your principles and ethics are the place from which to launch material growth – and this is a theme for as long as Saturn is in Sagittarius (late 2017). Mars into Sagittarius from the 5th diversifies energies so making the effort to summon focus nicely channels the fiery inspiration of Sag. Moving the body helps with that. Tune inward for guidance on the 10th as Mercury meets Neptune. Any confusion passes quickly with this aspect. Venus enters Pisces on the 12th, blessing love, art, and money. Love flows selflessly with this placement of Venus, granting the ability to identify with others’ yearnings. She meets Neptune on the 20th. Beauty, love, nature, spiritualism are favored under this meeting – but exercise discrimination and keep a handle on over idealization. The configurations of the equinox are said to give an idea of the year ahead, and especially the next 3 months. This equinox features the themes new beginnings around measured expansion based on deep belief and focused effort to to dream bigger, and spiritual love and emotionally resonant creativity. Again, watch for illusion and over idealization.

New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces

March 8, 2016: New Moon at 18 degrees Pisces, 8:54 AM EDT

This is a potent eclipse of emotional release. At this moment, the stage is set for a deep emotional cleansing and reset. It is wise not to escape the powerful surge of emotion rising now – but to be with them, collect their messages, and release relics of the past. There is an emotional resonance that lingers for some days after this moment. The waxing moon that follows this New Moon is a powerful time to take action toward a desired life-structure reform.

Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra

March 23, 2016: Full Moon at 3 degrees Libra, 8:01 AM  EST

An energetic culmination of an eclipse. This Eclipse happens at a potent moment in the year – adding to its existing momentum. A life expansion and deepening is present with the Jupiter Saturn square. This Full Moon brings matters of relationship to a head. The theme is around expansion and commitment, and this is overlapping with other areas of life. Latent matters in relationship now become visible. Decisions are made. Contracts signed at this time should include possible contingencies in the document. Watch for quick tempers and rash decisions.

Best  Days:

March 2, 10, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 24

Quarter Moons

First Quarter Moon in Gemini: March 15

Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn: March 31

Guiding Questions for March:

What are my emotional commitments to myself?

How do I nourish my relationships?

What do I need to feel loved and how often do I get that?

What big change would I love to make in my life?

What am I doing every day move toward what needs to change in my life?



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