The New Moon on May 6 is at 16 degrees 41 minutes of Taurus at 3:29 PM EDT.

The first earth sign of the zodiac is primal place of embodiment in flesh.

This annual New Moon in Taurus comes at a time when harmony between the desire for speed emanating from Mars retrograde and Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius is mingling with the stately dignity of slow moving Taurus.

There is a part wants to lean back and feast the senses on shape, form, and texture.

Another equally desirous part wants to sprint toward some distant horizon.

The Sun now shines its rays toward all the planets in the solar system from the sign of Taurus. From the perspective of earth during the next couple of weeeks, it dominates the sky by day, and the light it casts comes from this space of Taurus and that light is most influential now. Add to this that Mercury retrograde and Venus are co-present in Taurus with the Sun.

Old_french_fairy_tales_0077The pace of Taurus coupled with the retrograde motion of planets in Sagittarius leads me to the observation that the rhythms of the earth don’t care about man made calendars (or objectives or civilized desires). The Sun set and rose (ad infinitum as far as we’re concerned) according to its own schedule before the Julian calendar turned into the Gregorian calendar. These rhythms are prior to human categorizations or applications of meaning. Their meaning exists before human acknowledgement that despite ourselves, most of us sleep at night and wake with the Sun, and that there generally are four seasons in temperate climates. This meaning exists before acknowledgement that there is something deeper woven into the rhythm that is part of and stirs and motivates motion in human civilizations. There is a wisdom offered in aligning with that rhythm that is prior to human invention.

Sagittarius, a hybrid sign disposed to the chase of aggressive pursuit, partly because there is a lot of world to burn through and partly for the thrill, finds itself in a bit of a foreign state. More than just Mars and Saturn backtracking in the sign, Neptune is casting its numinous rays toward a sign that feasts on certainty, and its ruler Jupiter occupies Virgo, a sign that is not so becoming of the flashiness of exaggeration and excess.

Sagittarius is double bodied, half man half animal and so its blood is both beastly and capable of the reasoning ability imbued into humanity. And that animal instinct, 50% of what is coursing through the veins of this sign, grants to it both the ferocity and intuition that comes with being so near to primal nature. Sagittarius is also the portion of the zodiac that is a gateway filtering the Galactic Center, also a part of nature, and also arrows in this sign’s quiver.

At the time of the New Moon, Sagittarius’ ruler is strong. The lights are in a separating Plate_inset_page_182_of_Tanglewood_Tales_(1921)superior trine to Jupiter which will station to go direct on May 9th. This motion is about an unstiffening, a loosening, flowing, opening, and externalization of a process of refining an inner philosophy of personal path. If Jupiter represents understanding then in Virgo it is getting it. If Jupiter represents increase then in Virgo it is working for it. If Jupiter represents stability then in Virgo it is placing together many disparate pieces to achieve it. Jupiter’s turning direct is positive forward movement in the Virgo part of the sky and the expression of the grind as its own end which also just so happens to have luck, excellence, and achievement as a side benefit.

In closing, Taurus is a sign of preservation. This is a lunation about moving forward from a place of a deeper, broader, and more holistic vision. What begins now lasts, and what re-emerges now has the seed quality of the healing flow of cleansing waters. There is a realization, a loophole, a beneficial disruption, and a concurrent vivification of something intended to stay a good while. Venus’ presence here means blessings more easily flow, and disparate parts are more likely to find the unity they seek. During this astrological season of a curious combination of retrogrades, see the fortuitousness of stability that exists in the midst of disruption.

With love,

Images in this post are all Virginia Sterrett


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