Christian Rohlfs. Abstraction (The Blue Mountain).

The desire for a strong faith is not the proof of a strong faith, rather the opposite. If one has it one may permit oneself the beautiful luxury of skepticism: one is secure enough, fixed enough for it.

~Friedrich Nietzsche


Mercury will remain in a tight partile sextile to Chiron until Monday May 2nd. Having just stationed retrograde, the mind and its discontents are now amplified.

Thinking is both sensitized and interiorized and able to locate depths of emotional origin. Thinking and conversation are intense (eyes with gaze half closed), slow and deep. These have the added benefit of the continuous flourish from Chiron in Pisces ongoing – thoughts steeded to their rightful places like standing on the shore of a vast expanse of water and watching for hours as the crests of the waves extend infinitely into the horizon.

I once asked a question on a call with a department head of a grad program on Jung. She was leading a call that served as an experience of the program. My question was about a method for reconciling the interior space of inner life, and the exterior space of the outer world. Her response was to point out the illusion that I believed a division existed.

To her mind. According to the tenets of that program based on the work of that pioneering psychoanalyst.

And there are other, more ancient philosophies that aim to reveal an identical observation, that the inner and outer are not disjoint.

The second sign of the zodiac and the last sign of the zodiac comingle in this way. Chiron in Pisces in a superior sextile to Mercury in Taurus.

Some core desire dating back to fluid more ancient than amniotic now finds a mind more able to grasp the notion that thinking has a physical reality. The marriage of this pair has the potential to bring some subtle form in from the void into the security of the physical accomplishment of a sturdy set of thoughts. The freedom of movement that accompanies knowing a desire in the full light of consciousness.

And then there is the way that a split mirroring of the deleterious desire of another can have a paradoxically beneficial personal effect.


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