Spiritual truth transcends mere words. Whatever is put into words immediately becomes profane, a commodity capable of manipulation and distortion. Truth is not the evident form, but the hidden fire. We cannot find truth in outer forms any more than we can see fire in wood that has not been enkindled.

~David Frawley, Pandit Vamadeva Shastri



Jupiter stations direct at 13 degrees 15 minutes of Virgo on May 9, 2016 at 8:15 AM EDT.

After having been retrograde since January, Jupiter resumes forward motion through the second and third decans of Virgo until it enters Libra in September.

The qualities that are associated with this planet, optimism, faith, understanding, and largesse, begin to find outward expression after a time of inner refinement. Processes that have been simmering internally during the retrograde now show themselves by outward demonstration. The specifics of the inner operations may remain concealed from view, though they may be somewhat gleaned by their outer representation.

Jupiter in Virgo finds its mastery in streamlining individual processes. It is in the development and management of systems that this Jupiter placement tends to growth.

As Jupiter turns direct it will begin applying a square to Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn in Sagittarius speaks to the architecture of a broader vision. Whereas Jupiter in Virgo is concerned with bringing order to technicalities of systems of productivity, Saturn in Sagittarius points to meaningful vision that fulfills a deeper purpose – whether that be spiritual, academic, cultural, or as a part of a project for personal self improvement. Jupiter in Virgo as ruler and somewhat bonifying influence over this Saturn is able to provide the filling in and breaking down of concrete steps it takes to fulfill the overarching vision of Saturn. The tending of the systems continues to move forward even as a deeper vision is continuing to be shaped with Saturn’s retrograde through August.

The direct station of the greater benefic brings with it a rush of renewed optimism that may produce a flurry of new activity. New perspectives unfurl and give fresh life to formerly impeded or suppressed creativity.


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image: Gustav Klimt, Hygieia, PD.

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