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The Moon in Capricorn is applying a conjunction to Pluto retrograde. Mercury is slowing down in the final degrees of Virgo and perfecting an alignment with Saturn over the next day or so. The Sun in Virgo is applying a conjunction to Jupiter. We’re building up to the Full Moon at 6 degrees Pisces on Saturday.

The monthly Moon-Pluto conjunction always promises an amplification of deep emotions. This month around there is the possibility of using this energy to crystallize something important. This is because Moon is applying to Pluto who wears an invisibility helmet, while Moon’s ruler Saturn is receiving a sextile from a super-strong Mercury, who is the only god who could travel freely to and from the underworld, and has some really big energy from the Sun Jupiter conjunction being funneled into it.

Any astrological configuration is a constellation of symbols which require an interpretive act. Between the time the symbol is perceived, “Mercury in Virgo” and the time it’s interpreted, “mental dexterity”, there is an silent and instantaneous inner process that occurs. It’s a chemical, or alchemical reaction occurring across not only everything the interpreter holds in the storehouse of their consciousness, but also the collective social storehouse of meaning, and the ancient and invisible groove-line / indentation worn into existence by aeons of minds accessing the same symbol. The symbol is not literal, it is not existent on the physical plane; it is relational, it relies on our recognizing its features in our lives. The closest we can get to touching a symbol is by figuratively reaching our hands out to grab it—recalling the symbol—and seeing what happens to it and to us and what is produced when we have hold of it.

A line up of 10 interpreters, thinking caps on, will produce 10 different expressions for Mercury sextile Saturn, all with the same thread running through it.

So as the Moon aligns with Pluto over the next 5-6 hours, there is the ability to tap into the energy of bringing some inner emotional landscape, previously hidden, to form.This can happen in any number of ways since there are 7 billion of us and only so many archetypes. With this configuration of the Moon, there is the ability to patiently sit with yourself and others and tend to a task with a sense of realism and drive. The important thing to remember is that something previously hidden can become known now, whether this is a psychological challenge, a power struggle, the framework of a task or project, your entire Saturn in Scorpio experience, or really anything else toward which you choose to direct your attention. The energy is there and you can use it. Since we’re building up to a Full Moon in Pisces a slide toward the textured mystical in anything you do over the next few days will definitely go a long way.

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Image: Photograph by Conor Clinch, of David Gandy street style during London Collections: Men (2013). It looks like a Virgo-Mercury-Saturn-piercing eyes Pluto mashup to me.

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