A Virgo Season of Transition

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Hi all,

The Moon is in Sagittarius today. Currently, Moon is at 11-12 degrees. The next major aspect it will make is a trine to Venus retrograde at about 1 AM or so Eastern Time.

The Sun’s entrance into Virgo this year marks an occasion. This Virgo season is ushering in a new astrological season which will arrive in full swing around and after mid-September.

Virgo is the second mutable sign and the only earth mutable sign. The astrologer Caroline Casey tells us that Virgo represents the inward turning of mental energy. For this reason it is wise for those who have Virgo planets to ensure that the flow of this inward mental energy has someplace outside of their inner space to find expression. Otherwise we get the Virgo tendency to criticize self to the point of miniature shards.

Virgo’s sharpness of mind bestows the quality of discrimination, and it’s this quality that will serve all of us now. In addition to the shift in the predominant long-term astrology, we are still in the midst of the Venus Retrograde cycle, which now requires our most cultivated ability to put on our soberest thinking caps and be clear when it comes to Venus themes. By the way, if you want to explore Venus themes in a detailed and structured format, please check out my Venus Retrograde Workshop, available for purchase here. http://bit.ly/1NF2uLl

Sobriety, discrimination, and sharp wits enable Virgo to see the relational aspects between different pieces of life and to weave them together in a skilled way that serves. Virgo does serve its fellow man, but knows that by honoring their own responsibilities, it is actually serving something much bigger than it can understand despite its being the sharpest pencil in the case.

Some ideas and images for Virgo:

* Order is beautiful
* Executing on responsibility is Service
* Clarity gives rise to effective intention
* Assimilating reality is smart
* Assimilating reality is nourishing
* Hardness and sharpness give rise to discomfort which engenders change
* Seeing through clear, clean lenses
* Having all the data increases efficiency
* Measuring the varying importance of different data prevents neuroses
* In the spirit of service to self and others, disseminate insights
* Discipline begets mastery
* Giving inner critiques an outlet is soothing
* Preparation prevents needless suffering
* Humility means recognizing commonality
* When everyone is honored, all realize their divinity
* No breaks without effort expended

It’s important to mention that Virgo’s image as the chaste woman is an allusion to a disciplined sexuality that allows the riddle of god to present itself.

Virgo’s urge to purify and refine is related to its innate knowledge that when the vessel is clean, god arrives.

Virgo’s association with the intestines is pointing to the idea that an empty and well-maintained container can be filled up with spirit.

And so it is that we begin this year’s Virgo season. Ask yourself:

How can I prepare for the upcoming winter?
How can I see my surroundings more clearly?
Knowing that in service there is an acknowledgement of the mystery of Unity, how can I share the capacities I have developed?

Finally, it’s really good to see you on the other side of the Sun-Saturn square. Enjoy the building Sun-Jupiter conjunction this week. Work hard, smile big, and say yes.

With love from D.C.,

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Image: Source Unknown! If you know the source, please share. It’s Frida Kahlo’s head photoshopped onto Patti Smith’s body.

P.S. To Australians, I say winter but you can take it as “season change”. SRY to best of my knowledge was not around when ancient astrologers were making astrology rules.

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