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The Moon is in Aquarius and will make an opposition to Mars and then Venus Retrograde over the next 12 hours or so.

Moon in the air sign Aquarius is good accompaniment for the cerebral Jupiter and Sun in Virgo, and Mercury which has just entered air sign Libra. Aquarius Moon benefits from its ability to understand emotions by reasoning through them. To the Moon in Aquarius, it feels good when emotions make sense.

Mercury has just entered Libra and will conjoin the Libra North Node — which is showing us the direction of the future and of greatest growth. Over the weekend there is the ability to engage in dialogue or receive (nice! socially aware! diplomatically expressed!) messages that have to do with the personal will to advance the self vs. cooperation and collaboration — the Aries-Libra axis.

A long time ago I saw on an old friend’s status here on fb, “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. As Mercury as just separated from a sextile to Saturn, that feels like the flavor of this weekend’s Mercury-Node conjunction.

With the Moon’s opposition to Mars tonight, be careful about projection. Projection is a powerful mechanism that is more likely to emerge with the opposition aspect. It’s such a profound mechanism that it doesn’t seem to me to be as straightforward as “I find these qualities about you challenging”, or, “I am triggered by this quality about you, so that must actually be a quality that I am disowning and must integrate”. While that may in fact be a broad swath of the projection mechanism, a more responsible approach to that dynamic might consist of allowing the slow simmer of contemplation, rather than an almost hubristic ostensibly complete understanding of the deep and off-center drives that pull us through time and space in this lifetime.

That said, the projection that is most likely to occur with this symbolism has to do at its most basic with the detached vs. the impassioned. The person who is calm, reasonable, and articulate vs. the person who is the dramatic show-off. The crowd and the performer. The cool headed person and the person who wants to fire you up.

The Moon carries this energy from Mars to a Venus Retrograde, which gives us a chance to peer clearly into our Venus Retrograde stories. Considering where you were and what you were doing back in 2007, and comparing that with where you are and what you’re doing today, is there a thematic overlap? We thought that this Venus Retrograde would be lighter or easier than the one in 2007, the last time Venus was retrograde in Leo, because Saturn is not in the same sign this time around, but Saturn has still been very present during this retrograde of Venus. Not just because Venus will have made three squares to Saturn within degrees after she wraps up her retrograde cycle, but also because Saturn is the sign of Venus’ detriment, weakening her further from an already weak position of being retrograde.

Overnight here in the states is when the Moon makes these oppositions, creating an avenue for bodily awareness of our Venus Retrograde stories that we can then understand and put in our Full Moon Cauldrons to simmer.

More on the Full Moon in Pisces soon. Take good care, and catch you soon.


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Image: Ocean Sand, Bahamas. Photo by Serge Serge Andrefouet, University of South Florida.
Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons

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