February 2022 Astrology Forecast

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Sunshine in Pine Woods, c.1895-1900 by Valdemar Schønheyder Møller

Happy February & New Moon in Aquarius! ⁣

After Mercury goes direct on February 3, all planets will be direct. Although they are now facing and moving forward, Mercury and Venus are still moving a bit slowly as they recover from their retrograde motions in January.⁣

Although it’s the world’s annual marker of a fresh new year and the new beginnings that come along with it, January was really a time to continue to review, reflect, adjust course, and determine the winds by which to set our sails. ⁣

As the first and second week of February roll through, it is a time to adjust to a new energetic landscape, and build on the (potentially hard-won) clarity that was revealed in January. Nevertheless, with all planets direct and slowly moving forward we can build foundations for the new energy that may begin to bloom in March and April of this year.⁣

We’re still seeing a lot of action in Saturn-ruled signs this month, but planets are picking up speed which generally equates to moving from a leisurely walk to a healthy jog down here on earth too. On the 18th, the Sun moves into Pisces as Jupiter sextiles Uranus, infusing us in the sublunar sphere in a fresh energy of hope, momentum, cohesion, unity, optimism, expanded options, and joy.⁣

We still will have a couple of planets *invisible* in February, namely Saturn and Jupiter as they experience their own entrance, elevation, and exit process through the underworld as they enter and escape the Sun’s beams. But the behind the scenes re-tooling action signified by these planets moves along at a good forward pace, even if it might be a bit hidden.⁣


February’s Planetary Events

Jan 31/Feb 1 – New Moon at 12 degrees Aquarius

This new moon is conjunct Saturn. New beginnings that are Saturn flavored favor plans that are about setting foundations, thinking in terms of the long-term, and planning for the future, rather than solely for tomorrow. In air sign Aquarius, this new moon can also be about establishing routines or consistent practices (fixed sign Aquarius) that support mental well being.

Feb 2 – Moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter around 2pm PT / 5pm ET

This is a really sweet monthly aspect happening through May, for as long as Jupiter is in Pisces. I wanted to point this out for anyone who wants to ride the wave of this delicious expansive energy. This is a great time to make an ask if you want to catch someone in a mood to say yes. If you want things to flow a little more easily or harmoniously, you might schedule a call, meeting, or dinner or fun get together today! How was this day for you?  If you’re planning ahead, March’s Moon-Jupiter conjunction happens during the beautiful New Moon on March 2nd from 10:45 am PT – 1:40 pm PT!

Feb 3 – Mercury stations direct at 24 degrees Capricorn

****All planets now direct**** This lasts through April 29 when Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn. Then Mercury will go retrograde in Gemini and Taurus on May 9th.

Feb 4 – Sun conjunct Saturn – Saturn Cazimi at 15 degrees Aquarius

This is Saturn’s great rebirth moment. Practically speaking, today is a day when you might experience a revelation around the topics of the Aquarius house, when there is a breakthrough, or when you can make an ask and get a positive response. If you are having a Saturn transit this year, or to an important house in your chart, make space on this day for revelation to make itself known in your consciousness. And note which of your houses are having a Saturn transit! It can be more than one if you have a planet in another house in a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio) that is receiving a transit from Saturn this year.

Feb 8 – First Quarter Moon at 19 degrees Taurus

Watch the quarter moon phases as development points, or energetic peaks, in the monthly lunar cycle. These are usually busier days when things move forward.

Feb 11 – Mercury conjunct Pluto at 27 degrees Capricorn

The planet of communication and speech meets with the lord of the underworld. The mind takes on a penetrating cast this day and the days leading up to it. Research, concentration, and depth of focus are all favored. Conversations may be deep and potentially uncomfortable. Take caution against paranoia or obsessive thoughts. Journaling would be a beautiful and cathartic practice under this aspect.

Feb 12 – March 11 – Venus and Mars travel together in the sky for the next month!

Feb 12 – Jupiter in Pisces Heliacal Set – Jupiter enters the beams of the Sun and becomes invisible

Feb 14 – Mercury enters Aquarius

Communication, thinking, commerce, brief and local travel now enjoy more speed, movement, and fluidity.

Feb 16 – Full Moon at 28 degrees Leo

Feb 17 – Jupiter sextile Uranus

This is one of the weightier aspects of the month because it happens between two of the larger planets. When Jupiter in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus get together, it signifies rapid development, positive opportunity, a door opening out of nowhere, a windfall, a stroke of luck, or a breakthrough. We may see this on a financial level, that could be personal if these planets aspect your chart, or more generally on a social level in terms of the markets. It is a good few days to think outside the box, to open doors for others, to believe in yourself and take a calculated risk.

Feb 18 – Sun enters Pisces

Feb 20 – Saturn Heliacal Rise

This is like Saturn’s announcement of the significations of its transit. It is the first time Saturn becomes visible after disappearing into the beams of the Sun. On this day there can be great clarity around the topics of the Aquarius house in your chart.

Feb 23 – Third Quarter Moon

Feb 23 – Mars sextile Neptune from 22 Capricorn to 22 Pisces

Feb 24 – Venus sextile Neptune from 22 Capricorn to 22 Pisces

The above two aspects see two planets that can make a passionate combination, both in aspect with Neptune. This would be a good pair of days to schedule a date night, to get creative and expressive, lose oneself in a romantic film or novel (no one that is writing this forecast is currently binge watching Outlander – I didn’t want to get started when I saw there were 5 seasons because I knew I would get all the way wrapped up and I was right), or riding the more subtle and exalted experiences of traversing the inner world through meditation, breathwork, a silence practice, or going on a retreat to a place of natural beauty or splendor or even a monastery or similar for a couple of days!

Feb 24 – Mercury square Uranus from 11 Aquarius to 11 Taurus

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