Edward Robert Hughes. Dream Idyll (A Valkyrie). 1902. 

January 2021 Astrology Forecast

January 2021 is a very active month. There is an ongoing tension between the established order and an urgency to advance beyond it. There is a temptation to act hastily to accomplish a change, or to act hastily in moving toward freedom or growth. However, the planets are decidedly telling a story of avoiding playing that role of Mars if success is the aim. Slow, careful, and thorough thinking and planning is preferred.

The Jupiter Saturn conjunction initiated a grand new era, but new plans and projections into the future will be actively refined from the last few days of the month through February. Aquarius is a strongly emphasized sign this month. Take care of the things that are in your control. Have warm connections with other people in this time that we are all so separate from each other. Support those who need help with their mental health. You might consider supporting prisoners who are in solitary confinement (https://solitarywatch.org/). The importance of mental health hygiene is emphasized. Do a mental health check in with yourself or a trusted counselor, therapist, or adviser. Themes of justice are amplified, especially for those who have been and are disenfranchised.

On a global level, a lot is changing. This is a time of accelerated institutional transformation.

As within so without, so similarly, this is also a time of significant internal transformation. Take time to establish a reflective practice and wield control over the waves and ripples of the mind. I’m loving the book Thought Power by Swami Sivananda these days (https://www.dlshq.org/download/thought_power.htm). Cultivate a positive mind and know that the influence of your thoughts extends to the far reaches of time and space. Direct your thoughts and not the other way around — Very Saturn in Aquarius! I love the description of Saturn in Aquarius I heard or read somewhere, that Saturn slows down the impulses of the mind and creates the act of careful thinking.

Key Dates:

The recent Jupiter Saturn conjunction ripples its fresh energy into this new month and new year. The freshness of the new life of the new era that is coming through is amplified this month.

January 6 – Mars enters Taurus – Mars has been in Aries since late June 2020. This is a significant change. Mars activates completely new storylines.

January 8 – Venus enters Capricorn – a balm for the very taxed sign of Capricorn. Venus adds sweetness to this sign that has experienced the profound disruption of the Saturn Pluto conjunction in 2020. This should be welcome energy for all Capricorns and those with planets in the sign, and hopefully for everyone as we have all been going through the effects of that conjunction.

January 8 – Mercury enters Aquarius. – Mercury will retrograde in this sign on the last day of the month, initiating a year of Mercury retrogrades in the air signs.

January 8-11 – Mercury conjoins Saturn and Jupiter. This is the megaphone in front of the message of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius.

January 12 – New Moon at 23 degrees Capricorn.

January 12-13 – Mars squares Saturn at 3 degrees Taurus and Aquarius. – A time of pushing through something that may feel burdensome. Blocks, delays, detours, or tedious hold ups may be there. This may feel like the need to muscle through something to meet a defined objective. Saturn has the upper hand here – the structure, the definition of the goal, the timeline and commitment to its accomplishment. On an individual level, structured physical expression, dancing, yoga, running, etc can play a supportive role in this burdensome feeling planetary aspect. We are all no strangers to this aspect as it has been in lesser or greater effect since July 2020. These dates may be a moment that that storyline develops and comes to a definitive conclusion.

January 17 – Jupiter squares Uranus. Jupiter is growth, generosity, justice, religion, scholars, success, prosperity, luck. Jupiter in Aquarius is a humanitarian, philanthropic, highly intelligent placement. This combination of planets points to the acceleration of social or institutional change and the forceful demands for such. Mars is present at this square and not in great shape. Jupiter figures have the upper hand. Where possible, avoid playing the role of Mars. Also, Mars may signify those who don’t have as much power to effect their rightful interests, so watch for this and support where possible; that would be playing the Jupiter role.

January 19 – Mars conjunct Uranus at 6 degrees – Rash actions, unexpected disruption, acceleration of activity.

January 20 – Sun enters Aquarius

January 20-21 – Moon in Taurus. Inauguration day in the U.S. When the Moon moves through an established or ongoing planetary aspect, it brings into material form the significations of that aspect. This is also the first quarter Moon at zero degrees, that degree of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction. An interesting day to watch for significant events both personally and globally/politically.

January 22 – Mars square Jupiter at 7-8 degrees of Taurus Aquarius – A push toward accelerated growth, change, expansion, studies, philosophical reflectiveness, the growth of a new initiative, a push for social change or social support.

January 23 – Saturn Cazimi at 4 degrees Aquarius (Sun conjunct Saturn)– a new cycle begins for Saturn. It’s Saturn’s new moon day.

January 28 – Jupiter Cazimi at 9 degrees Aquarius at the Full Moon! A very potent new cycle for Jupiter is inaugurated.

January 28 – Full Moon at 9 degrees Leo

January 31 – Mercury Retrograde at 26 degrees Aquarius

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