The Feast. The Banquet of Nebuchadnezzar, 1870, Paul Cezanne. {{PD}}

Eclipse seasons themselves are the reverberations of change that is to come. Looking through the lens of suspending the concept of time, the experiences that are linked to the eclipses have occurred and so have their results. The results can come with consequences or they can just be natural, more neutral unfoldments. The configuration of the eclipse to the natal chart, coupled with other astrological factors, tells the broader (but not the broadest) narrative of that time-bound moment. The season itself, those 36 days that Brady fences off as eclipse season, is the earthquake that emerges from the change the eclipse impact foretells. Because of our natural orientation to linear time, we think we feel a bit frazzled, on edge, uncomfortable, rushed, harried, under pressure, etc., during eclipse seasons, and the changes follow. But the change has occurred, and it’s during eclipse seasons that we feel the physical shifting of our lives settling back into place, and the earth moving to accommodate us.

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