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July 2, 2019 – Total Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees 38 minutes Cancer at 3:16 pm ET

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As with any new moon, the moment of this eclipse is a time to best suited for being thoughtful, contemplative, meditative, and receptive — in as far as this is possible for an individual. This suggestion is amplified because the solar eclipse adds great import to those activities. On top of that, this eclipse is in the yin water element, in a cardinal sign, compelling us to enthusiastically initiate an inward journey.

The force of the attention turned inward is transformative. The discovery that the inner realm precedes the outer realm creates a sense of liberation and peace. Turning the attention to what is occurring inwardly is what creates meaningful change.

And this activity may be balm for this upcoming eclipse cycle as well, as, in a mere five days from the moment of the solar eclipse, Mercury turns retrograde in Leo, after Mars sidles up to it.

Giving the destructive expression of Mars an expression through impressionable Mercury would be the easiest thing to do. Resist the easy thing. I say this often and it always bears repeating, especially since we have an extended Mars-Mercury cycle this year — don’t road rage, give yourself the luxury of additional travel time, and give yourself the peace of not needing to beat anyone on the road. There are so many distracted drivers these days.

Use the positive expression of Mars to have a keen sense of awareness, a keen intellect, and use that intellect reflectively, in service of the deeper wisdom of the heart. In this way the rational intellect is a great aid to living life.

This first eclipse is about changing the roots of our selves through sustained emotional attention and transformation.

If this eclipse impacts any planets in the natal chart, then those planets and their associated topics will also come into play into an interpretation of this eclipse. The material of your lived experience is often the foundation of interpretation.

I use the word often because sometimes, people are not in touch with themselves or the natural flow of the greater forces in their lives, and so they are not sure about the area of life that is calling for change or movement. But I think astrology enthusiasts are a reflective folk. So just think on what is going on, especially in this general moment in your life, as the Sun itself is illuminating, and at the moments the Moon is in Cancer, the material circumstances in our lives will be such that the personal-to-us topic of the eclipse and its associated inner plays will be quite evident.

Saturn’s Impact

It is really quite important to note that Saturn is now in an extended conjunction with the South Node. This is occurring in exactitude from the 28th of June to the 12th of July, Eastern time. Though of course the energy seeps and flows around these days so it’s not a hard line. Saturn is also growing in strength as it is reaching solar opposition.

The South Node, Rahu, and Saturn, are two dark planets* which have to do with the absence or obscuration of light. This symbol fractals out into multiple meanings and expressions. In Jyotish, Vedic astrology, the south node is thought to bring the ability to have profound inner vision. The combination of these two bodies together can bring inner sight. One can peer into the composition of one’s inner world, and completely re-structure it. One can have continuous perceptions that could have their origin in previous lives, conjuring the memories of the soul.

As I shared in my previous post, with these two bodies quite active at this time, it is a very good idea to remain positive, reduce conflict, reduce inner commotion. Invite light into one’s home. Clear windows and make space for the Sun to enter. Keep a candle or oil lamp lit, safely. Keep space clean and tidy. And maintain a positive attitude and outlook as strongly as possible.

(*node is shadowy planet in the vedic tradition)

The function of Eclipses is to accelerate change, especially with respect to  the topics of the eclipse symbolism itself, and also to the topics of the houses or planets it is activating in one’s chart. It is best to receive the message of the eclipse and plan for re-structuring after eclipse season. E-mail me at ichrak [at] gmail [dot] come to order an eclipse reading.

The next eclipse will be a partial lunar eclipse on July 18. Tune back in here for an update about that lunation!

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