This Moment in Pisces and Other Underwater Tales

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The Circling of the Planets. Augusto Giacometti. 1907. PD

The recent Full Supermoon in Virgo seems to have ushered in a new quality of being.  The mind feels as if it has been properly plopped into a large vat of mysterious waters, and the processes of thinking soaked with the signature of the shimmering fluids.

A mixture of an understanding the astrology, reflection of what other folks in this space are saying, and an intuitive read on this moment in time suggests to me that we are in a collective moment of inhale.

Jessica Lanyadoo tuned into the moment of integration

Phil Good called it, the calm before the storm

And while a Pisces season with an emphasis on Neptune can bring in an entropic quality of disintegration, it simultaneously highlights the diversity of facets contained with one’s individuality. It provides the opportunity to direct one’s awareness and be clearly cognizant of each of those facets.

Each piece of ourselves is a feature of our individuality that emits a particular broadcast of desire, and wants its own opportunity to express itself. 

The current astrological moment is about acknowledging all those different parts, and creating an internal space for them to stretch their legs; holding them up to the inner light of one’s awareness, and acknowledging their existence as parts of one’s being. Perhaps imagining what it would be like to give some or all of them room to grow towards an outward expression. But it may not be time to take them out for a jog just yet.

Pisces season can correlate with a general low mood. I come back to the thought that in ancient times, melancholy was revered as an emotional state in which one could come closest to soul. The stillness and heaviness of melancholic state inspires a certain depth– like Poe in his darkly lit Baltimore room writing about Eleanor or the raven. 

This state therefore creates access to deeper and more concentrated modes of perception, and conjures new windows in what were formerly opaque walls, creating an opening into what could not previously be perceived.

But in case you’re finding it difficult to navigate these waters, some remedies from Pisces’ zodiacal opposite might be useful.

Virgo things:

  • Exercising techniques like pranayama,

  • Watching the impact of one’s diet on the state of mind,

  • Mindfully cultivating discernment

  • Making lists of everything swimming through the consciousness and giving it outward expression on paper or a huge white/black board (countering current astrological Yin focus).

  • Mind Mapping

  • Categorizing what otherwise seems disparate

  • Carrying on doing the work well because that’s the thing to do

  • Creating awareness of what one is feeling as one’s own

  • Be aware of the impact of unconscious empath merges, something Rose Rosetree teaches on in this book.

It’s also helpful to go with the flow during Pisces season. Zone out in reverie and feel the feelings. A lot of what we’re told to do is allow ourselves to be distracted away from our feelings, numb or dull them out, avoid them, make them different, make pretend they’re not there, suppress them, etc. But Pisces FEELS with its entire being. And there’s wisdom there. There something valuable there. So if you’re not DOING and PRODUCING all the time during this deep yin season, that’s astrologically in flow. And there might be something that your body or being or spirit wants to tell you. Or an idea, mood, or inspiration that wants to possess you. Or something that wants to leave you, and leave you lighter. Or maybe it’s just time for rest. Later it will be yang-y. Now’s a time for yin. Yin is ok. It’s half of the whole.

The astrology coming into March does feature a strong emphasis on imagination, memory, and the past. It contains a story about the ways in which we are hidden to ourselves motivate the actions we take and attitudes we embody. But amongst all the Piscean water wash-out and wave crashing, there is the ability to tap into a flow of stability and make tangible, concrete progress. I’ll talk about that as the beginning of the month nears.

How are you feeling the current Pisces planetary party? Let us know in the comments below.





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