“Most of us succumb to the magnetic property of things and evaluate events by their tangible results. We appreciate things that are displayed in the realm of space. The truth, however, is that the genuinely precious is encountered in the realm of time rather than in space. Monuments of bronze live by the grace of the memory of those who gaze at their form, while monuments of the soul endure even when banished to the back of the mind. Feelings, thoughts, are our own, while possessions are alien and often treacherous to the self. To be is more essential than to have. Though we deal with things, we live in deeds”.

~ Abraham Joshua Heschel


1. Make close friends with the truth.

The real honest to god truth. The truth about how you actually feel. The truth about the multifarious roots of that feeling. The truth about the entourage of companion feelings supporting the core emotion, keeping it lodged in place. The truth about all the things the core feeling compels you to do, say, believe, or sustain, even if they may not be serving you.

2.  Find a truth teller. Have them tell you the truth.

This will usually be the person who does not tell you what you want to hear. This person’s voice is typically the dissonant chord in the chorus of everyone else’s opinions. You will know that this is the truth that is good for you because it will feel like you got a piece of your soul revealed to you, so you could clasp it and paper mache it back in place to the place on your heart where it belongs.


3.  Audit what you consume.

This idea encompasses all things that flow through you and from you. What is the quality and quantity of the things you are taking in?

  • Ideas – uplifting, always the same, always something new, negative, encouraging, discouraging, material, spiritual, putting power in your hands, removing power from you?

  • Emotions – low and heavy? bright and light? what are the overall prevailing themes?

  • Environments – suitable to what you need in particular? harmonious and supportive of you?

Alternatively, what is the quality of the thoughts and emotions you are emitting?  Think of this in terms of clarifying, lightening, exercising intention with what you emit and consume.

4.  Cull and clean.

What don’t you need anymore? What books have been laying around on the shelf that you won’t read? What clothes don’t you wear? What food has been sitting in the refrigerator that could get thrown away? What relationships are not serving your your higher purpose? Culling and cleaning clears space, increases energetic flow, and invites positive change.

5.  Read everything as a sign.

Rather than seeing the various interesting and unusual intersections of life as mere coincidence, try on viewing life’s synchronicities through the eye of a purposefully orchestrated unfolding. All happenings point to a deeper significance, a gentle nudge, an invitation to explore more deeply.

6. Get to the bottom of it.

Ask questions until you get to the source, until you understand the positions of the chess pieces, until you understand the architecture of the system, until you understand your own personal position on what you are examining, free from outside influence.

7.  Explore a practice that helps you find meaning.

Re-commit to your existing practice by deepening it. If you meditate in the buddhist tradition, read buddhist literature or gather with others. If you honor the sabbath, develop a relationship with your rabbi. If you practice yoga asana, try doing yoga in loose clothing, read the Bhagavad Gita or Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. If you practice magic, read about the workings and philosophies of the masters of your particular craft. If you read astrology, find ways to make astrology real in your life on a daily basis. 😉

8.  Audit your financial life.

Develop a deeper relationship with your financial life. Look at your accounts every day. Set financial goals for yourself. Eliminate debt. Explore investing. Explore your relationship with money. Explore your relationship with the financial systems you find yourself living in. Get very clear on everything going out and coming in. Ask the hard questions and have the hard conversations with yourself and those with whom you share financial responsibility. (They don’t need to be hard; if you have them often enough, they become easier)

9. Perform service to others.

Take something you are good at, or have a lot of, and give that freely. Take a problem that you have, and find someone who has the same problem but slightly worse than you, and find a way to serve them by bridging the gaps in your knowledge and experience. This will teach you something valuable about your own situation, allowing you to transform it.

10. Invite change.

Map the places in your life, in your inner life, in your typical emotional grooves, in your relationships, that are ripe for change but are currently a bit neglected. Make inner shifts to create a space for this situation to change. Align yourself with an outer anchor if necessary – this may be a book, an historical figure who is an example for you, a mentor, or a person who will hold you to the standard of change you set in this area of your life and check in with you about it regularly.

11. Heal yourself.

While Jupiter is in Scorpio it will trine Neptune. This is one juicy healing combination, with the potential for deep change and longevity. Find the healing you need.

12.  Keep things close to the chest for a bit longer than you’re used to.

Play with what it feels like to let something gestate inside you before you let others speak on it literally or figuratively. (And while there are real boundaries that exist to make secrets and privacy an actual thing, at certain levels of consciousness secrets and privacy are a convenient illusion… but I will share about that another time.)

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  1. Thank you Ichrak! You’ve done it again. I find a lot of truth and power in this, and as a Scorpio artist and truth-seeker/celebrator who loves to go deep it was a pleasure to read. I really love the action items you suggest to make this year more powerful and fulfilling. Printing this one out to keep on my wall as a reminder.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Nadine!

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