When God came to create the world and reveal what was hidden in the depths and disclose light out of darkness, they were all wrapped in one another, and therefore light emerged from darkness and from the impenetrable came forth the profound.

~ Zohar III

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The Sun and Jupiter join hands in their annual meeting on October 27, 2017. This kind of meeting is known as the cazimi. A cazimi planet is so closely wrapped up in the Sun as to be considered merged. This unique union confers special privileges and experiences to the planet that is in this illumined place.

The planet is said to be in the lap of the king.

In this most fiery place, the planet is dignified; imbued with the power of a monarch. Or China’s President Xi, today.

In possession of such power, the will of the planet is strengthened and reinforced, and it is able to find favor and facility for carrying out its unique significations.

The manifestations of this Sun Jupiter conjunction may show up in so many rich ways. In your own life watch for an event that leads to an opening or a clarity and even a lucky break, or an eventual one. Jupiter is invisible now so it is possible that its benevolence is not immediately apparent. Even when it emerges from being consumed by the Sun it will be temporarily weakened so that its full strength is demonstrated only later.

But there are signs of this celestial meeting everywhere. Here are some of the ways this event can show up:

  • The wisdom in shedding

  • A door, opened

  • An outer “yes”

  • An inner “yes”

  • A financial breakthrough

  • A meeting with a benevolent financial figure

  • Finding something in the middle of a cleaning purge and it creates an inner opening

  • Benevolence flows forth from the heart

  • The urge to indulge in sensual pleasure

  • Experiencing the holy

  • Emotional cleansing

  • An opening of the heart to see the horizon through what was previously cloudy. What is seen deepens the experience of being in the heart.

  • In inner clearing of dross to see through to the truth of any matter (or the one that chooses to reveal itself to your consciousness)

  • An encounter with a power holder that leads to a change

  • A realization of a change that would improve the life

  • Clarity about infinitely-emerging, many-faced metamorphosis, the many iterations of the self and of the form life takes

  • Finding connection and comfort in an honest emotional outpouring

  • Finding comfort and growth in changing

In addition to a kind of strengthening and favoring, a planet in this position is also said to be in the process of purification.

Here Jupiter blesses all areas of life over which Scorpio has dominion. Their essence is cleansed and elevated. They are born anew and begin again.

Scorpio themes include: Sexuality, finance, relentless depth, focus, mysteries, symbolism, energetic exchange, power dynamics, personal power, emotional protection, clarity.

This planetary event marks the beginning of a cycle of growth and benevolence, luck and depth and emotional access. Like the first sighting of the crescent moon after it has become new, we will first see the energetic thrust of Jupiter’s new cycle in Mid-November, when Jupiter again becomes visible and clears the Sun’s fiery beams.  We can expect Jupiter’s blessing power to be increased when Mars enters Scorpio, one of its zodiacal homes, and joins forces with Jupiter.

Take a moment today to create stillness and find a place within you where the significance of this planetary meeting can make itself known to you!


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  1. Just to think of this is already a blessing!

    Love and gratitude to you and to Jupiter!

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