Splendor Solis

As personal planets Mars and Venus in Virgo make a series of squares to Saturn, the potential for fractious contention has been prevalent.

With the qualities of division prevalent, enhancing the quality and experience of union helps to soothe and ease. Bringing in other people’s viewpoints, or considering other people’s positions helps to pacify, but not eliminate, the experience of multi-faceted and simultaneous awareness of all the relevant, sharp, small details.

With Mercury in cazimi with the Sun at 15 degrees Libra today, the intent to bring opposing viewpoints to the negotiating table can help to regenerate a dissolving situation and propel it powerfully and meaningfully forward.

While the potential for significant insight is possible through congenial exchange and collaboration, an actually dead situation cannot be resuscitated. Ultimately, this process won’t work if there is no viable foundation or hope of creating one.

However, if there is a viable foundation, or if the process of regeneration supports the well-being of all involved, the upcoming Mars Saturn square shows that:

  • Elbow grease is involved

  • Compromises must be made on all parts for a sustainable agreement or solution to be created

  • The effort requires an intention for gradual and incremental improvement be held

The current astrology has the potential to be harsh at this general moment, but the second half of the month sees a drastic improvement. Benefic planets Venus and Jupiter both move on to improved positions offering upliftment and blessings in a more unobstructed way than we are seeing now and have seen for a while!

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