Arthur Rackham

Necessity knows no magic formulae–they are all left to chance. If love is to be unforgettable, fortuities must immediately start fluttering down to it like birds to Francis of Assisi’s shoulder.

~ Milan Kundera

Every year, once a year, Uranus is visible to the naked eye as a blue-green dot in the distant cascades of sky.

On this night as the Sun reaches the apex of its opposition with Uranus keen, clean view of the planet of iconoclasm, disruption, individuality, innovation, and intuitive creativity is available.

As the literal Sun shines directly on Uranus, symbolic effulgent light brings the fullness of the astrological meaning of Uranus into conscious awareness and experience. With it is a tone of double confrontation: one for the fight that Aries imbues into Uranus, and another layer for the face-off nature of the opposition.

Uranus is here to shock through the fearless, non-conforming individualist who busts up conventional boxes, forcing the comfortable into a state of chaos induced distress so that established assumptions are re-examined through the heightened, fresh awareness that accompanies unfamiliarity.

Disrupting convention creates a gap in the flowing stream of what is considered normal. The act of disruption forms a liminal space where what is expected is suspended. In this space, possibilities open. Possibilities are a gift from a mind that knows more wholly than humans’ limited ability to contrive. Possibilities often arrive on the arch of a human invitation, conscious or subtle. The act of invitation requires the existence of an inner space of openness and receptivity to something larger.

Uranus represents that which is beyond the physical, beyond what is known and established through the last planet visible to the naked eye, Saturn. Just as Uranus the physical planet spins on its side, its astrological tonic cures the core issue from the periphery rather than head on. Heeding its prescription provides a holistic healing, blanketing nourishment and injecting nutrient into all deficiencies, rather than aiming solely for what is thought to be the supposed target issue.

Under this New Moon Uranus tinged lunar cycle, spot, harness and cultivate Uranian energy in your own life by:

  1. Noticing any person, situation, experience, or event that brings the technology of the symbolic fire of knowledge that improves your lot.

  2. Being your own advocate for fairness in your life, and declaring directly what will balance the scales.

  3. Watching when you are struck with information that is out from left field that is a response to something that has been on your mind. This information provides an acceleration in development.

  4. Deliberately seek out those you believe have something to teach you and apply some of their wisdom to your life. For example under this opposition I have been reading the poetry of Ramana Maharishi, commentary on the writings of 12th century astrologer and polymath Abraham Ibn Ezra, and the writings of a gifted medical intuitive I resonate with.

  5. Connect with the spirit of Uranus. Be like Uranus. To break free, bust loose or get out of a rut, commune with Uranus by 1) getting yourself excited 2) crowdsourcing information  3) do something completely new and throwing yourself into it 4) doing something out of character 5) contradict yourself 6) do something that baffles expectation 5) occupy the edge or the threshold and use that as a vantage point to initiate a new understanding

  6. Seek the viewpoint of someone who has ways of knowing that go beyond the conventional or rationally explainable.

  7. Tap your own intuitive ways of knowing. Ask questions about what would set you free. Ask for inspiration, guidance, help from the Divine, or those beings who have your best interest at heart who attend upon you.



  1. This is beautiful ichrak. I am so often amazed by how strongly these energies, if you Will, affect our lives.

    I am in that suspended place this morning. Where something big is supposed to Happen in my life today. I have had faith all along but it has not yet materialized and I have become anxious. Now I see why. Even though it is before 8 am.

    And your list speaks to me. Thank you so much for the gift of understanding where I am and the inspiration to use this circumstance for good.


    Kind regards!

    Would love to know who the medical intuitive is that you are reading…..

    Sent from my IPad.


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