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In Sagittarius, Venus has the garb of a gypsy woman with a big view of the world. Venus in Sagittarius easily attracts not only abundance, but experiences — the life blood of Sagittarius that gives that sign a bird’s eye and philosophical view it is known for. Thus Venus in Sagittarius has an appreciation for diversity, plus the curiosity and open-mindedness that comes with interacting with many different kinds of people.

As a mutable sign, Sagittarius represents long slow burn of looking at a fire and seeing many different characters emerge and subside from within the flames. The mutable signs all have the qualities of releasing, changing, and adjusting, and in Sagittarius, this adjustment is in the direction of growth, surpassing established boundaries, going beyond the known to explore new vistas and horizons. Sagittarius and all the mutable signs have to do with the growth that comes with seeking to become a better person.

Representing the quality of magnetism, Venus in Sagittarius is at maximum attraction when she stretches, adjusts, and expands into uncharted territory.

As Venus passes through this sign she will engage the Saturn-Neptune square. This year long aspect has moved out of exact alignment but remains active and becomes re-activated as faster moving bodies move through it. Its first initial energetic thrust was with the first exact aspect on November 26, 2015

Venus will first apply a square to Neptune on January 4. The square aspect indicates tension and challenge that requires conscious engagement and direct action to relieve the built up pressure. With Venus square Neptune the pressure could be built up from blind optimism in love that comes from self-deceit or deceit by others. This can also be a tense situation that arises from boundless desire to merge that can’t be fulfilled by humans who live in skin-suits. So that needs to be sorted out by taking reality into consideration.

On the other hand the Venus square Neptune aspect can indicate a positive manifestation and co-creation story. This is about attraction via non-physical and unusual laws of nature. This is about attracting a desire in a way that is playing outside the usual laws of space and time. Remember that the square produces a lot of energy and it has the quality of Mars — It can be very active, challenging, and fast. This particular square requires reconciling the qualities of outward optimistic relational exuberance of Venus in Sagittarius, with the longing for inner merging of Neptune in Pisces by practicing the inner work necessary to produce expansive attraction or improvement of circumstances in the outer environment.

After Venus squares Neptune she approaches a conjunction to Saturn in Sagittarius on January 8. Saturn-Venus aspects can always go several ways, and we have some measure choice in this. This can be a make it or break it time in love, where relationships are tested, questioned, or shown for their true substance. Venus-Saturn in love can also show up as emotional restriction and loneliness. Yet relationships that begin now have as seed kernels in them the qualities of maturity and the glue and integrity of Saturn. Venus-Saturn is about developing relationships knowing that time yields the best fruit. This placement at its best is a willingness to stick it out and do the work and to remain present when things get hard, especially considering the “there is a better brighter more fun way to do this” tendency of Sagittarius.

The Moon in Sagittarius will move past the Venus square to Neptune on January 6, as Venus approaches a conjunction to Saturn, making two faster moving bodies creating a connection of the larger story of the Saturn Neptune square. If you seek insight into how this square is showing up in your life over the next year this is a time when it comes in an attractive guise to deliver the message.

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