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In this episode I discuss:

  •  Another angle on Jupiter opposite Uranus

  • The story of Venus this year

  • The obstruction of something Venusian over the course of Venus Rx In Jan-March-April, and how Venus and Mars are finally uniting with the upcoming Full Moon

  • Asking YOU a question about what Venus Rx was about for you, and how the Venus-Mars conjunction next week plays out in your life

  •  The Full Moon in Aries

  •  What does astrology tell us about the best times to act?

  •  Whether or not you should sign The Thing during Mercury Retrograde

  • Ideas on acting or refraining from action at the right times, and how to recognize these times with or without astrology


How did this episode land for you? Do you have a Venus Retrograde story to share? Leave a comment with your thoughts in the comment section below!

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