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These monthly horoscopes are also published in blog at the Los Angeles Review of Books.

January Horoscopes

In January, the Sun travels through Capricorn for much of the month, making the earth element prominent in consciousness through the light emitted by the Sun. Many planets in Pisces for much of the month means psychic fields are more porous than usual. Take care to keep your space energetically clear, even when it comes to the thought forms you send out and entertain. Be deliberate about creating positive thought forms, and about seeking solutions aligned with personal values that are immediately actionable in your world, rather than giving in to feelings of helplessness about what is happening in the world at large.

This month’s Full Moon on the 12th brings a powerful dose of energy in a moment that activates many planets in the sky. It is an action filled full Moon, and a great time to cook a meal with friends and loved ones, watch a movie, or have an art night together.

It is a highly creative month. Much inspiration is on tap and the ability to give it form is just as present. Take advantage of this to create a vision for your 2017.

Mercury turns direct on the 8th, so expect all Mercury ruled affairs to resume normal functioning over the following week. That is, communications clear up, awaited messages come through, and electronics can be safely purchased. On the 19th, the Sun enters Aquarius, lightening the air and infusing it with a sense of orderly thinking, and isolationist philanthropic mood. That is an Aquarius thing, though they are not all like that! Many do prefer to be on the periphery rather than in the midst of the action. Also on the days leading up to the 19th, Mars squares Saturn, creating a somewhat contentious mood. Avoid shortcuts for the time being, and be sensitive to your own emotions and those of others as you go about your business.

The New Moon on the 28th features a bit of a relationship upheaval or test. Forewarned is forearmed, and the Aquarius vibe at the time offers detachment to be able to move through the situation with love and a view of the higher picture.

Happy New Year!

The following horoscopes are written according to the astrology for your Sun sign. Read for your rising sign, if you know it, for additional insight.


You are the first sign of the natural zodiac, and while much information can be derived from this fact, the most pertinent piece of information here is that you are forever extremely dynamic. The eternal child, participating in the ever expanding quest for the new, the pioneer, the inspiring rabble-rouser, and, recently, the fearless innovator. This month, however, you have a lot of subtle experiences occurring within you that might benefit from your slowing down, finding stillness, and contemplating. By the end of the month, you will be in top position to take action on all the inspiration that is happening just beneath the surface of consciousness for you for most of this month. This month, you can effectively seek out and explore long-established technologies of consciousness that offer a proven blueprint to navigating and enhancing the inner world. You are presented with an opportunity to ask yourself guiding questions about your life, like what is the philosophy you live by, who are the teachers you surround yourself with, and how do you broadcast your raison d’être to the public. It’s okay if you let only a select few in on your secrets. It’s said that what is kept cloaked and in the darkness can be developed more powerfully than what is exposed in the light. But is also said that the best kept secrets are hidden in plain sight. Take that as an indication of the types of koans you can untangle over the course of this reflective month.

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This month you are called on more energy is flowing between you and your friendships and social groups than usual. Much power is created when two or more people come together with a common intention, much more than an individual could generate on their own. Collaborating with friends or groups of people means the intentions of the union become the masthead that guides forward movement. This intention is bigger than any individual desire, individual method of operating, or individual vision about how things should be done. Let what guides your action be the momentum of the collective vision and purpose. Notice of the generosity of others in their joining forces with you, and the substantial nourishment you bring to the table in return. The tone of this month is on the spiritual parts of life. Exposing yourself to spiritual teachings, lyrical poetry, or inspiring film both grounds and inspires you. Give great attention to your mind and how the expansive experiences of spirituality, travel, or deep study influence the perceptions, thoughts and words that come though you and find their way into the minds of others in your shared spaces.

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You could find yourself working a lot this month, as much creative focus present in your work life. Take meticulous care of career matters. Make sure everything that matters is as it should be, that you are compensated fairly, and that all the letters that get dots get dots and all the letters that are crossed get crossed. This way if you find yourself challenged by someone your ducks are preemptively in a row. If a partner in your life wants more time with you, but finds that your priorities are elsewhere this month, your astrology suggests that the way to navigate is to do the right thing. Make explicit work of being accountable. Keep the lines of communication open. Make effort to open up pockets of time to let them know you’re thinking of them. This month’s Full Moon calls your attention to some area of deep research, and here you will want to follow the trail until you reach its source. Also consider that joining forces with others might mean slowing down a bit, but make sure to notice the enhanced creative benefits to all parties, and how together you seem to have you fingers the pulse of what’s happening in the wider world.

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This month sees a lot of activity in your house of higher awareness. This is the house of divination, and signs and symbols by extension. This highly active space in your chart ensures that this month plenty of inspired information will seem to soak into you from unknowable places. It all begins a chain reaction of invoking sacredness, liberally doling out compassion, and being inspired to go through the self-revelatory process of deep emotional healing. This month you are called on to make space to absorb these perceptions and use them to peer out far into your future. This month’s events urge you to lay down the tracks for your future day to day life. You are encouraged to define a vision of your future today, and take tangible steps to be prepared to meet them when they materialize. Much momentum finds its way to you in the first half of this month, making it a good time to put your best face forward, show the world the best of what you have to offer. While the lights are on it’s also a good time to get intimate with your own inner chambers and do a check up to make sure all your desires are in alignment as you step forward into the year. In the latter half of the month, consider the ways you unite efforts with others and how everyone can be served by streamlining the various visions of all involved.

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This month is about extreme experiences. It’s about the kind of thrill you get from climbing a mountain with a 70 degree incline. It’s the kind of validating liberation you get from finding that corner of your psychology that houses the reason you like those people who are delicious but not the best for you. It’s the kind of lush feeling you get when you make a life change you’ve wanted for a long time, and it is beautiful. This month is that kind of intense. It is also asking for you maintain tip top care of your body as you pursue this emotionally demanding work, and to cleanse from your body anything that isn’t helping you to keep up the kind of energy you need to be your best self. If you come into a situation this month that asks you hard questions about how you share your creativity with others pursue the point with an eye for fairness, and an eye for the long view. Consider the terms of a collaboration that would be fair to the kind of energy you would give and receive. There is a balance to be struck between the creative labor you put forth and throwing it into the pot with others to simmer and create something greater than the sum of the parts. Just be sure your heart is in the right place, and that all vagueness in the terms of collaboration are eliminated. It is a great month to emotionally purge and separate yourself from what does not serve you. On the 19th, watch for partners old and new to make themselves known while the Sun travels through Aquarius.

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It’s not that your romantic partners are intentionally behaving in an unusual, confusing manner, beautiful beings that they are, it’s just that they’ve got a lot going on right now. And by extension, so do you, and it has to do with them. A new way of relating is your creative project for the month. It brings a solution to matters having to do with home and heart. What is important now is doing the right thing where it comes to home and family. Your experiences with a partner are helping to bring about realizations in you about what the security of a strong foundation means to you. You might want to slow down and give this thorough consideration, as this is a longer term story-arc that is being brought into your life in full color this month. You are in an important phase of building a secure base, and this process will serve as a safeguard to ensure future peace, and the kind of upward growth that happens best when the roots have had a chance to grow deep into the ground. Relish the happiness that simple joys bring into your life, the surprisingly deep insights you garner from them are beneficial to many others in your social sphere.

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It’s a good month to get the word out to people you care about parts of life taken as normal but that it might actually be good practice to peer deeper into. For example, did you know that most popular tampon brands are sprayed with dozens of chemicals that are then readily absorbed into the body when they are used? What could you do to share information like this with people you care about? In another vein, you could ask yourself questions about what the cost of being informed is on the spirit, in our increasingly complex world. Along this line, would it be worth it to you to take up or deepen a spiritual practice that expands your inner space and strengthens your mind and spirit for the daily information battles we all engage in?. This month you can exercise fluidity in your daily routine, as long as you are funneling the inspiration that comes with variety, flexibility, and movement toward the thorough work engaging your mind at this time. There is a knowledge seated deep within you that you can draw forth to reflect out into the world. This is the type of knowledge that deep in the way of lessons passed on through family or, that is part of your ancestral heritage, by blood or volitional acquisition, or that bubbles up and into you from the land you walk on and call home, and the ancient memories and lessons of loves long gone.

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A rich storehouse of creative energy is available to you this month. If you are thinking of how you can earn money from your creative efforts, this would be a month where you can make progress along that line of thought. Carry a paper and pencil with you to record the impressions that will find their way to you this month. You may be wrestling with the urge to create that is coursing through you and your simultaneous need to earn a living. The world is undergoing a change in the way that regular people handle their financial affairs and aspirations, (especially between each other ). Earning a living from creative pursuits that serve your soul and serve other people in the world is a matter of creativity itself. Ideas about selling out, or not staying to true to the art if you were to put that pressure on your creativity can be sorted out as long as you have a clear intention in your heart guiding the creations that come forth from you. Keep referring back to these if/when things get a bit screwy/contradictory/muddled. And if you really want to pursue this, see if you can’t call in a trustworthy, wise, experienced, literally old or old-at-heart teacher or mentor figure who is doing with grace and success what you want to be doing.

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A great focus on home and family challenges how you might prefer to spend your time this month. That part of your life that roots you down and gives you access to a deep sense of meaning is asking for a lot more energy from you than usual. And you have to adjust. The way forward through this is to see this as a part of the journey of self-definition that you are going through. You have the opportunity to see in technicolor how your efforts are shaping up, toward becoming more of the person you want to be, taking the the direction in life of your choosing. Your consciousness is more than usually objective in analyzing your own self. So when you are challenged by outside forces that want your attention, you have the opportunity to form anew, how the self you are becoming chooses to respond. You are the brightest and most optimistic sign of the zodiac, and a big part of those qualities find their roots in your ability to be free in how you live your life. Build some freedom into your life, and your creativity, your generosity, and self-esteem will benefit from the wide open spaces you give yourself.

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This month be intentional about seeking a more circumspect approach to your usual opinions and points of view. Don’t be afraid to go outside the boundaries of the topics you normally approach, the literature you normally read, and the people you normally interact with, the ways you normally verify your information. You are being called on to discover and expand new palates of taste when it comes to your experiences, and your perception of the world. Absorb and digest this variety, and see how it comes through in the information you relay to others. Your writing, your thinking, and your conversations are all influenced by the longer-term introspection project you have been undergoing. This is a good time to pursue a hunch or take a chance on an idea that comes to you out of nowhere. Always do your due diligence, but know that this month your sources may at first be somewhat ethereal. During this month’s very active Full Moon, plan to juggle several priorities at once. After work, after your unusual research bouts, and after loving up on yourself, it might be nice to share a romantic dinner with a partner who also wants in on the loving.

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This month brings attention to all the various activities you do to keep yourself lushly resourced. There is no end to the ways you can finance yourself. This area of your life is associated with the sign Pisces, a fertile sign of endless creativity. What you are being encouraged to consider this month, though, is how you can support what really matters in your life. If it is family and friends, or a close relationship that matters to you, this month is a good time to begin to build in commitments in your life that demonstrate that. If it is a long held vision, a dream, or a part of yourself that would just love to have the space to expand into existence, this month is a good time acknowledge that. Choose one action that can be a living symbol of your determination to bring about the change in your life that you know would make you happier. It’s true that money makes life easier, and you can afford to think differently about it even while you engage with the necessities of the current society. Your astrology this month encourages you consider your relationship to earning money. Do you have any hang ups about how big you can get and how much space you can take up? Who you think you will leave behind on the way? Do you really want what you’ve been working toward, or want it in a different form, or do you want something completely different? Pick up these questions as necessary. And remember that you can use money to enjoy the goodness of life, to share with others, to ask the questions to you need to ask, and to deepen your impact in the world. And your brand of creativity means you can make it any number of ways.

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There is quite the eventful month in store for you to get the year started. You have the energy in abundance this month, but you might be feeling a pull between giving that energy to yourself and all the career demands that are being made of you. While this dilemma is present, it is a good opportunity to think about how much time and energy you want or need to be devoting to work, and how much time and energy you want or need to be devoting to the care and keeping of you. You are experiencing a career high now, where the fruits of your labors for many years before this moment are being quite visibly rewarded. This month infuses you with both charm and increased vital life force, and presents you with the question about how you really want to spend your time here on earth. Your dreams and visions for what you want to do with your life have changed a lot over the last decade or so. You’ve come a long way toward actually figuring out the direction you want to head toward, and have even taken important steps to make those visions real. You can congratulate yourself for staying true to the calling of your heart as you play within the rules that come with the package of being incarnated into a particular place and time, body and society.

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