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Full Moon in Cancer January 12, 2017, 6:34 am EST. 22 Cancer 27

The inner world is alight with shadow figures dancing in the dark. It is night and the Moon is fat and full, brimming with light. The figures dance upon a thick layer of fresh snow. The light of the Full Moon reflects the glistening snowscape and illuminates the moving dance of the shadow figures.

The figures are illuminated within all at the time of the Full Moon in Cancer, a Moon in her home sign, a place where she has all she needs and where the whole of the realm is hers.

Cancer is a sign of great imagination and great intuition. A Full Moon in this sign offers an opening and invitation to the world of those milky shimmering realms, in the periphery of vision, in the periphery of sound, the home of figures that descend to give an inspiration or a helpful nudge or a fantasy.

Cancer is the sign of the emotional waters of the body. Some of them may be old and lingering and ready to be given up. Some may be fresh and new and eager for a opening to slip into. All the waters experience a great swell now. It is a moment to investigate, raise up, and initiate an intentional query within the emotional body. The Full Moon makes a trine to Chiron in Pisces, and this is an act of healing.

The moment of this Full Moon features an incredible amount of cardinal energy, with 5 major inner and outer planetary bodies in cardinal signs. It is also a moment full with action and incitement. An intentional approach to the action finds it well designed, a plan sequenced out all the way to the end, resting on a broader philosophical bedrock. Mercury’s straddling the imaginary border between Sagittarius in Capricorn, having recently completed a retrograde cycle in those signs shows the way.

With idealistic, visionary, futuristic Uranus in Aries involved in the crosshairs this Full Moon, as a whole event, amplified by Jupiter in Libra, consider that after they are birthed, even the most well designed creations must involve an element of surrender to unknowable forces. Consider that, in the process of creation, personal choice is a great power. Contained within the ability to make personal choices, Uranus encourages the individual to make the choice to think and feel outside the restrictions of convention, rules, or collective beliefs about reality and how it works.

While tending to the life cycle of a creation, existing as it does space and time, is a real and necessary task, Uranus pushes that edge and asks what ego expressions latent within the self and outside the bounds of wisdom of what is conventionally possible want me to visualize and pursue them? Then the three-part trine from Saturn in 2017, part one of which has already passed pressures, and how exactly are you going to ground that down into reality, doing the real gritty earth work of manifestation? And the three-part opposition from Jupiter in 2017, part one of which has already passed wants to play together and asks let’s get a little wicked and wild and overblown with that plan and those desires shall we? But the presence of Saturn and en-fleshed physical reality pulls the reins in, reminding humanity of their responsibility to each other, as the security-minded Full Moon in Cancer offers its own reminder of the strong but delicate invisible web the connects us all.

This Full Moon offers the organic truth that all creations have a point of genesis, and life outside the womb of creation involves surrender to an interplay of forces that rise and fall, some stronger now then weaker, some finding harmony together, all, no matter how opposite, inescapably a part of the same grand composition.

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