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While Mercury is in Libra, the mind is clear and objective. This mind is capable of assessments that are free from the biases of desire or preference, allowing for appraisals that consider all the multiple facets of a situation, without exclusion. The decisions that are a consequence of this method of thinking are fully informed. The quality of decision can of course be swayed by the fluidity of the influenceable human will.

As Mercury approaches Jupiter, this particular type of keenness of mind undergoes a growth process. Assessments enlarge to several degrees beyond what was previously being considered. There are several ways this can manifest. A perceived slight is generalized to come from everyone who fills a certain categorical descriptor. A coffee date turns into a 4 course meal at the choicest restaurant in town. A weekend trip becomes into an extended holiday. A few great ideas grow to a full freight of them, carrying huge momentum and traveling at top speeds.

Benefits and drawbacks come with this enlarged thinking. Believing everything is possible and do-able before fully considering the details is one of the main cautions. Nonetheless, this planetary alignment is capable of big thinking with a generous apportionment of discernment to match its grandness.

Supporting that discernment is Mars in Capricorn, which tinges the color of this apparent union between the lightweight planet Mercury and the heavy planet Jupiter. Reserve, control, and foresight in execution are available energies to tap. These are further colored by the knowledge of the physical realities any high minded plans will need to take into account. The symbols of this astrological moment describe including more possibilities of all types into the grand vision coming through. It describes at the same time being sure to think through to the end, factoring in all contingencies and planning accordingly.

Mercury is the significator of language, and while in Libra loves the back and forth that happens between parties of people. With Jupiter and Mars in play, the mind faculty is heated, enliven and excited about what it can do. Watch for blurting skillfully hurtful exaggerations. This aspect clears in a few days and then Saturn gets involved indicating there will be gravity later for unwise impulsive speech now.

Talking and thinking in a big way is a part of the quality of the moment, yet be sure to be able to walk that talk in all the ways required. The current emphasis on Libra means accessing equanimity is easier now. The Libra planets are all colored by Venus in Scorpio, which describes an emotional alchemy that takes place when conversations happen between people who are open to the new realities that can be created in the spirit of determined collaboration — especially where the strengths of individual parties are emphasized and utilized.



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