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The Capricorn Solstice takes place Dec. 21 2015, at 11:48 PM EST. In the Northern Hemisphere the Solstice is the longest night of the year and marks the beginning of Winter. In either hemisphere of the world, as the solstice takes place there is a change of season. As the Sun passes through Sagittarius, the light it emits has a mutable quality. All the mutable signs are about releasing, change, and endings, since they all come at the end of the different seasons. Gemini comes at the end of Spring, and Cancer begins Summer. Virgo comes at the end of Summer, and Libra begins fall. Sagittarius comes at the end of Fall, and Capricorn begins Winter. And Pisces comes at the end of Winter, and Aries begins Spring. At each of these four periods of time, the light cast on the earth inspires reflection on what has come in the season before, tidying up and tying together any loose strings, and allowing our chemistry to adjust to the flowing changes in preparation for a vigorous new season.

The solstice chart can be in effect for either thirty days, the length of the Sun through Capricorn, or three months, the length of the entire season (astrologers vary on this point). The yearly Capricorn ingress marks a spirited step in a new direction. Though the length of light in the day increases by one minute each day, these moments in time before and after the ingress are a time of silence and stillness. This is a time to boldly vision the direction for the next season, strengthening its incorporeal spirit and alerting the gods to our intentions before taking decisive outward action.

On an individual level, the overall message of the chart for the Capricorn ingress, the moment that the Sun enters Capricorn, is one of nourishing inventive creativity. The message is of funneling this creativity into consistent action, and sharing insights with others, especially those you are in cahoots with collaboration-wise. This chart is about the increasing confidence and self-belief that comes from committing to and completing regular practice of a craft, and sharing that with a broader community whether that is with folks on social media, at a craft fair, a bake sale, a farmer’s market, a classroom, or any group of like-minded others. Ideas may shock or surprise, and sharing ideas with others will produce forward momentum that can be acted on jointly.

Technical Discussion of the Capricorn Ingress Chart Ahead:


Capricorn Solstice 2015
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The Sun in this ingress chart is below the horizon in a night chart in the 5th house. Mercury, the ruler of the ascendant, is also in that house, and is separating from a conjunction to Pluto and a square to Uranus. The Moon is exalted in Taurus in the 9th house in a night chart, where the Moon is a nocturnal planet and is comfortable expressing itself in night charts. The 9th house theme is repeated by the ruler of the Sun, Saturn, in Sagittarius in the angular fourth, out of sect in a night chart and accidentally debilitated by being placed in the fourth. Again we find the 9th house theme boldly repeated with Jupiter angular joining the North Node in Virgo. The North Node has the quality of increasing, and so does especially well with benefics like Jupiter. However, Jupiter is in detriment in Virgo.

This is the image of a Teacher who is eager for students to do well and so is sure to indicate the precise process by which to learn a particular subject. Whereas in places where Jupiter is in happy in domicile, it might be said that a certain measure of laissez faire freedom in learning due to faith that the message will come through inevitably, and the way it does is not so important. This is also the image of a Priest who might point out how cleanliness is near to godliness and shepherds his flock to a routine of disciplined work and service, which is meticulous but has the effect of influencing a flock that becomes efficient in day to day life outside of worship. This is also the image of the writer buzzing with many ideas, papers strewn about, going over each draft piecemeal.

Mars is in detriment in the second house, but in sect. Venus is in sect, but in fall in Scorpio in the third house.

The Sun is accidentally dignified in the 5th house, the house associated with Leo, a sign ruled b the Sun, but then the Sun in Capricorn has to do with the darkest time of the year, when accessing light requires additional effort.

The chart features much of the earth element. All three earth signs are represented, and are in fact connected by the moon in a very close degree based aspect. The Moon exalted at 17 Taurus will trine Mercury at 18 Capricorn, then oppose its ruler Venus at 20 Scorpio, then trine Jupiter at 22 Virgo, who with the north node.

Much solid effort will be required for the next three months, but tangible gains can be made. The chart is speaking of a pronounced level of discrimination, focused, unyielding, inventive work. Saturn in fire sign Sagittarius in the 4th says we must find it from within the depths of ourselves to express our visions and hope for the future in a disciplined structured way or else block our inner inner light by a deep seated sense of being blocked, limited, or inadequate. With Venus in Scorpio in the third, we could be secretive, communicating with only those we trust since the mind and thoughts might be a bit edgier and vigorous due to the mutual reception with Mars in Libra. Yet this can be an affable mutual reception.

The Mars in Libra placement suggests a passive aggressive style of confrontation, declaring desires in terms of what the other person wants, and lack of clarity on personal desires. This influences the decision making process and what is ultimately accomplished. The mutual reception between Mars and Venus in Libra and Scorpio are in two of the most relationship oriented signs of the zodiac. So the strength here lies in collaboration and working well with others. This seems to be a beneficial remedy to an otherwise indecisive Mars and choosy Venus.

The fixity present in the Moon and in Venus gives staying power to a chart that needs it. The Sun, Mercury, and Mars in cardinal signs are excellent at getting projects initiated. The Saturn Neptune square and Jupiter in Virgo with the North Node can create iteration upon iteration of idea before settling on anything. The fixity provides the follow through and staying power necessary to see projects through to completion.

Wishing you a nourishing solstice.


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