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The Sun in Sagittarius applies a square to the nodal axis this week, exact on December 18. This week we receive our first illuminated glimpse of the message of the Virgo North Node and Pisces South Node, which are transiting those signs through April 2017.

Wondrously, yet as so often happens in astrology, at the time of the exact square at 26 degrees 22 minutes Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces, the other light in the heavens, the Moon, will be on the South Node of the Moon in Pisces.

Meanwhile the ruler of both the Sun and Moon, Jupiter in Virgo applies a conjunction to the north node and Mercury in Capricorn applies a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn.

Jupiter in Virgo gives a well developed intellectual faculty, knows the benefit of regular work and self discipline, and an abundance of information, options, and details to organize and keep track of. When Jupiter is with the North Node, each of these points has a “make it bigger” “amplify it” “juice it up” quality. The caution is to be wary of putting too much on the plate. Jupiter has Mercury in Capricorn funneling into it, meaning we take responsibility for the details of our expansion. The benefit of Jupiter conjunct the North Node is that tangible forward movement is blessed, flows smoothly, and is executed with the excellence that comes with hyper-focus on one detail at a time.

With Jupiter with the North Node though, there is the possibility that there simply are too many options present. By itself, the North Node in Virgo would point to the simplicity that comes from clarifying and paring down infinite options into one or two options. We are aware or are made aware through the sheer quantity of possibilities that to be effective we must focus on one thing at a time.

With Sagittarius and Pisces in a square aspect there is a sense of boundlessness and limitlessness. The square in mutable signs is very busy, very adaptive, always changing, always doing something new, restless, inventive, curious. The mind does not rest, and the Pisces south node shows that there is just so much to be wondrous about, so many infinite possibilities. Sagittarius’ bright and cheery disposition squaring this axis, funneling into Jupiter with the North Node says believe in the ability to create positive outcomes, and take the smart route to accomplishing that. That means all the details that can be accounted for are, and the rest is a leap of faith.

At the same time that this happens, Mercury and Pluto are very close together in Capricorn. Their conjunction will be exact the following day, on the 19th. But they are less than one degree apart that the time that Sun squares the nodal axis exactly. So we can say that this entire configuration is a part of the gestalt of a moment in time. No time-box-categories necessary!!!! Saturn-Neptune would be proud.

Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis

Mercury’s conjunction to Pluto gives the ability to cognize Pluto things. Pluto grants a depth and penetration to Mercury’s thinking function. Taken too far this can be obsessive, suspicious, dark tunnel vision. Yet Mercury-Pluto can reveal hidden information by the compulsive desire to keep pulling at the thread until the information lands in your hands. There is the ability to use this for deep self reflection, or in a team or relationship environment to discover the truth several layers below the depth that is usually traveled. Mercury with an outer planet like Pluto also grants the cognition of information that has to do with the zeitgeist, where the collective is right now, with spheres beginning in your town or community and going all the way out to the global political discourse.

I love Mercury-Pluto aspects because I am fascinated by Mercury’s ability to travel to the underworld, the only god granted the honor. And so you’ll often see me refer to this when there is a Mercury-Pluto aspect forming in the heavens.

The Moon squaring the Sun during this event means that it is the first quarter square moon, which is always a crisis in the moon cycle, which means an event that serves as the first developmental cycle after the new moon; some new piece of information that is incorporated into the scheme moving forward.

Also included in the gestalt of moment is the trine from Venus in Scorpio to Chiron in Pisces. Chiron in Pisces is an ancient and universal ache we seek to ease, and in doing so learn a lot about the many paradoxes of life. Venus in Scorpio touching Chiron in this way has to do with the sense of being enough. The only requirements here would be first and most importantly, feeling in our hearts that we are enough, and second, behaving in a way that demonstrates that feeling of being enough. If the intention is in the heart to be enough, the emotional exchange that occurs will be infused with that sense, and a deep peace can find expression though love, sex, spiritual practice, self-inquiry, creativity, and/or the arts.

Overall this is a time of action and of tending to the organization of one’s blessings. It is a time to listen to the sounds of the birds and to take inspired action to secure future blessings. It is a time to simplify, to purify, to order the inner and outer worlds, and to take a positive approach to life. It is a time to keep one’s ear low to the ground, and to feel the vibration of the future thrumming in, a message we will know in our bones before we begin to give it words.

Warmly and with love,


YAR 2016


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