Djeff et Monsieur Moo installation at Eglise Saint-Merry during Nuit Blanche 2015
Djeff et Monsieur Moo installation at Eglise Saint-Merry during Nuit Blanche 2015

Whenever the intensity of looking reaches a certain degree, one becomes aware of an equally intense energy coming towards one through the appearance of whatever it is one is scrutinizing.

~John Berger

As Mars approaches a conjunction with Jupiter and an opposition with Neptune, Jupiter trines Pluto.

There is a sense of being inwardly, if not outwardly, aware of a new frontier. We know the solid, tangible steps we need to take to make a transformation manifest in our lives, and we have the vision to begin crafting and executing the steps. With Mars in Virgo aspecting numinous Neptune, there is a power in holding a strong mental intention while you are taking action. Then, when necessary, (and it is very necessary now) surrendering to a force that is much greater, can do much more, and in a more divinely organized manner than the human Will can do alone.

As you are going about your business, doing this and that, the mind travels over many topics. Consider (etymologically, with the stars)  that your thought-forms are shaping your reality as you think them, even if you are not voicing them. When you look at something, you are directing the power of your mind onto that thing. And whatever you are looking at receives the imprint of the thought forms you hold at the time you look at it.

Therefore, look at a person, or animal, or yourself with unharmonious thought forms and that same quality is imprinted on them. Look at a houseplant or animal, or person, lovingly with kindness, and they receive the force of your positive loving thought form as you are beaming your attention toward them. You can imagine the effects of each set of thought forms. They have an effect outside themselves, but their primary effect is on you.

You might like to practice looking at yourself in the mirror and noticing what is passing through your mind at the same time you are looking. You can try this form of mindfulness over the course of your day as you’re going about your business, directing your attention, and notice the contents of your thoughts.

It’s a subtle practice, but it makes a difference. Neptune is a planet that is both subtle and roaring, and growing in influence for the rest of the year and through 2016. If you’re not already Neptune attuned, it will be good to begin making friends. Neptune, remember, is an outer planet, which indicates her force subsumes any sense of human desire, though she can be propitiated. Like making a petition to a saint. It’s a co-creative thing — but proper respect is due.

With all the love,

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