Pedernal Mountain, NM by Artotem
Pedernal Mountain, NM by Artotem

Venus is now in Virgo. In traditional astrology this is the sign where she is considered in her fall. This is often taken to mean that Venus doesn’t express Venusian traits as strongly in Virgo as she does in her opposite sign of Pisces, or in Taurus or Libra, where love is openhearted and given without restriction, sensual and lush, fair and equitable.

There might be reasons to believe that Virgo doesn’t agree with Venus, categorically. Virgo is methodical and smart, and understands process. Who says love benefits from method or intelligence, or pulling things apart.

There might also be reasons to believe that Virgo doesn’t agree with Venus at this particular ingress, this particular entry into the sign of Virgo. At the time of the ingress, Venus’ ruler Mercury is very slow in the sky, stationing at the time of ingress, another traditional indicator of weakness to act. Act is an interesting keyword here — why must we always be acting, and why must we always be sped up?

Venus enters Virgo to be met with a square from Saturn in Sagittarius. At the same time, Mercury and the North Node in the early degrees of Libra are in a sextile aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius.

Let’s take this collection of aspects as a kind of seed moment influencing Venus’ month long stay in the sign of Virgo.

There is yet a third set reasons to consider that might show that Venus in Virgo might not be so far gone. These are all the same considerations already mentioned, understood differently. Venus in Virgo, colored with Mercury, the north node in Libra, and Saturn in Sagittarius, seems to be asking about the particular way in which we are seeing the world, and the stories we accept as true.

This configuration is about the overall architecture of meaning we are assuming as we respond to the world. What is our expectation of what’s going to happen, what do we expect is expected of us — what is the role we assign ourselves or accept, how do we affirm or deny expectations through our responses. Simply put: What is the meaning of a narrative we impose onto a situation?

The battle for your personal meaning, a culture’s meaning, a politician’s meaning, the meaning of a contentious word, is among the most important not only of the time we live in, but also in a personal sense — Venus conducts electricity between us — This is what happens when lovers fall in love.

The meaning we accept, consciously or not, determines the actions we take. Is it a homeland or a conservation area. Is it economic development or exploiting resources. Is it cheating or is it an open relationship. Venus in Virgo is specially equipped to discern nuances.

Persimmons in Nakagawa by Geomr
Persimmons in Nakagawa by Geomr

Virgo has a clinical detachment which enables it to do what must be done and do it correctly. A surgeon, for example, cannot get touchy feely and emotional about the fact that she cuts through flesh with a scalpel. She has been trained, there is a body on the table, and she must do the work and do it well. There is no margin for error in that situation, as a person’s life depends on the adeptness of the work.

Being ruled by Mercury, Virgo’s reflexes are very sharp and very fast as well as accurate.  As a mutable sign, Virgo responds to the environment, and as an earth sign, Virgo responds in a supportive way that tangibly improves the immediate situation.

Considering the span of a lifetime, humans do occupy only a very narrow sliver. And yet there are reasons to believe that ours is an exceptionally consequential sliver. The ecological decisions we make now have consequences for generations to come. The entire world is connected via a series of tubes, and if there is a place in the world where there are not yet tubes, Mark Zuckerberg is getting them there.

The stories we tell matter. The way we now perceive the world, the stories we tell each other, the stories we come to believe are true, and the stories we know must be changed all matter. There is another indication that the stories are changing now.

Venus re-enters Virgo and her very first point of contact is with the fixed star Regulus. Regulus entered Virgo in 2012, and will remain in the sign for another couple of millenia. Regulus on the Venus station point, a changing of the guard.

Venus arrives in Virgo about the time of the Mercury station forward. We still have some thinking left to do. The Mercury and Venus mutual reception indicate there a harmony can be achieved if we’ll approach the task with a sense of wholesomeness and a sense of fairness.


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