Ariel from the Tempest by Henry Fuseli
Ariel from the Tempest by Henry Fuseli

What’s past is prologue.

~ Antonio, from The Tempest by William Shakespeare

On September 30th Mercury and the Sun meet at the midpoint of the Mercury Retrograde cycle. In this cycle for a few days before their exact meeting, and a few days after, the mind can be a bit frazzled and all over the place, especially if the mind is over stimulated.

This particular Mercury is working on behalf of, dispositing, both Jupiter and Mars in Virgo, and is ruled by Venus. To add to that set of symbols indicating relating and the cerebral, we just had a major lunar eclipse near the 0 point of the Aries-Libra axis.

It is a potent time for relationship adjustments and reconsiderations, flashbacks, blasts from the past, and deep reckonings. There is a lot of mind-energy floating around post eclipse. It would be beneficial to allow mental processes and considerations to unfold at a natural pace without force. This will happen naturally as the retrograde cycle continues. Make sure to ground yourself throughout.

On October 2, Mercury transits the degree of the eclipse. The possibility is of things clicking and becoming clear, some point of resolution reached, or a further development of your particular eclipse story. Mercury transits the eclipse point for a third time on October 15. When that happens, Venus will have moved on to Virgo, past her retrograde shadow. That indicates a fresh piece of information added to the eclipse story.

Allow yourself plenty of time to process. The Mercury Retrograde cycle as a whole is a time when the mind function turns inward. It happens three times every year, so this internal mental re-orientation is something that is necessary to do regularly.
On either side of the exact conjunction with the Sun, Mercury is considered combust, weakened by its proximity to the sun. But the day of exact conjunction? Golden. A planet so close to the Sun is considered “in the bosom of the King”, in a very special position of strength. Important conversations, announcements, mailings are a big go on that day.

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  1. Hi Ichrak,

    Would the day of exact conjunction be October 9th?

  2. Hi Devin, Mercury and the Sun are conjunct on September 30th at 7 degrees 7 minutes Libra. On October 9 Mercury is back at 0 degrees Libra, and goes direct that day at 10:57 AM EDT.

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