Painting by Don Davis for NASA.
Painting by Don Davis for NASA.

Tonight’s full moon lunar eclipse is getting a lot of press. Of course, eclipses always do, especially the ones that turn colors, like tonight’s will. Across the ages, whenever there was an eclipse, people looked up at sky and (rightly, I think) freaked the f out. The light that is usually there disappears, and the familiar landscape is cloaked in an eerie twilight. This is understandably creepy.

However, let’s acknowledge the passage of time since ages past. We’ve come a long way as humans. We’ve experienced a lot, done much human growth work, and as we look around the globe, we recognize that we’re in a critical pivot point in the history of the world. This is a pivot point that might take several lifetimes-worth to fully turn the corner on.

Having perspective on this passage of time allows us to suspend the lizard brain that wants to freak out, calm the limbic system, reflect, then act on our reflections. It is this action that comes from reflection that is the thrust of this lunar eclipse at 4 degrees Aries – Libra.

The day before the lunar eclipse, we had a 27 hour void moon in Pisces. Sidenote: To me, astrology is like a big, beautiful fabric, and it takes all the threads to appreciate the entire piece. In isolation, the thread is just a thread, but take a step back and there is a whole tapestry to appreciate.

That is to say, we have a void moon in the last water sign of the zodiac, the whole day before a high powered, full throttle lunar eclipse. This is a cosmic cue to emotionally purge with awareness. You may have felt compelled to do that. You might have also put your mind on auto pilot by sleeping or relaxing, and letting it do its own thing. That also works.

This lunar eclipse is conjunct the south node. FYI, the south node will not be in Aries much longer, but there is a longer post on that coming soon. I mention it because I think it’s a part of the thrust of the broader astrological shifts we are experiencing now. The energy is changing. We are coming out of a cardinal heavy several years into a mutable-prominent period. I will be writing about this. This is just a heads up.

The south node of the moon indicates the past, and it also indicates a release of energy, or energy that is leaving (per Judith Hill via Dave Roell although this did have to do with solar eclipses exclusively— but I am applying it to the south node for lunar eclipses because it resonates — full moons are about closure or culmination).

The message of this lunar eclipse is becoming aware of emotional clutter you are hanging on to from the past, crying drawing stomping ritualising counseling venting it out, and clear your inner space. Let that sht go. Whatever is not coming with you into the future, let it go. Process and clear, get help when necessary, talk it out with the appropriate person, and put yourself on a path of emotional freedom. Do not hang on to stagnant emotional energy because it prevents progress. The strong and long lasting mutable energy coming up will challenge linear notions of progress. For now, suffice it to say that a healthy emotional purge is called for. Try to do this in a way that is different than ways you have emotionally processed in the past (ruler of the Sun trine Uranus).

Multiple Exposure shot of a Lunar Eclipse. Originally uploaded by Mactographer onto Wiki commons.
Multiple Exposure shot of a Lunar Eclipse. Originally uploaded by Mactographer onto Wiki commons.

So the actual eclipse phenomena astronomically is caused by the earth moving in front of the sun such that the shadow of the earth is cast on the moon. For this moment in time we are suspended between lights. Astrologer Anne Ortelee describes this as the lights going off, then coming back on, and something has changed when the light comes back on.

At any rate, the flow of light is interrupted or interceded in some way. Since you are reading an astrology column, it does not sound far fetched to you that this interruption of light, or absorption of light by the earth, or this balance beam opposition with the earth in the middle, has an effect on us. Something that correlates to the celestial event — the eclipse —  happens here on earth in personal terms.

My counsel to you is to move through the passage consciously, make well informed and well reasoned and well paced choices, suspend control where prudent, apply elbow grease invariably (important — there is a major emphasis on Virgo in the sky), and operate with a clever and humble mixture of hard work, faith, and consideration for others.

Wishing you a momentous and peaceful full moon lunar eclipse,

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