Saturn is now traversing new territory. In March of 2014 Saturn hit the farthest he had been so far, 23 degrees of Scorpio. Then, between March and November of 2014, Saturn was traveling over ground that he’d already covered in order to make sure that we received details of experiences and growth lessons that Saturn was impressing upon us.  The Universe gives us a lot of time to learn these lessons.

Time is much more fluid and forgiving an entity than we often characterize it as.

Now that Saturn has passed the 24 degree mark, new experiences associated with Saturn in Scorpio are constellating. Note that the house or houses that have been hosting Saturn since the beginning of his venture into Scorpio are now revealing aspects of experiences we haven’t encountered before during this transit.

November itself is a particularly potent time for consolidating the Saturn in Scorpio story unfolding in our lives thus far. The Sun in Scorpio has been traveling alongside Venus, shining light on the same house, the same experiences Saturn has been unearthing and having us hyper-focused on. While Mercury is preparing to exit its retrograde shadow we have an opportunity to regroup, information gather, and take stock of everything that has come to pass in the past month or two with eclipse season.

The full moon at 14 degrees of Taurus happening on Thursday, early evening EST, nudges us to put our feet firmly on the ground, take a look at where we stand, what has happened, how we feel about it, and how do we want to relate to it from here.  The Moon in its fullness over Thursday evening and Friday morning (EST again) will shine at Saturn across the sky. Though there is a stand off effect to this opposition aspect, the lights are on, and we can see clearly what is going on if we create space for inner tremors of messages to emerge.

Finally, the days leading up to November 17th will feature the Sun applying to conjunct Saturn, a time when the Saturn in Scorpio theme of the last two years will be lit up and very clear to see.

Where has Saturn been at work in your chart? Have you been working Saturn?

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