Here is a short film for a day which strongly features a Leo-Scorpio square. Watched with a symbolic eye, we can find the themes of the Leo Moon squaring a stellium in Scorpio including the Sun, Saturn, and Venus.

Here we have the motif of a rich inner life accessed only through dreams and fleeting visions. This inner life contains the image of a beautiful woman, a model, whose presence is accompanied by a striking melody.

As Oshun is the multifaceted representation of feminine energy in Santeria, she may take the feminine form across a spectrum of expressions. From a youthful naive Psyche figure, a wrathful Venus or Aphrodite who uses beauty and femininity as power-weilding tools, a maternal and nourishment providing depiction of the feminine, the older, experienced, and wise matriarch, to the keeper of esoteric knowledge who does not seek, but must be sought.

This short film is directed by Khalil Joseph, and stars Brazilian Gemini Sun, Leo Moon musician and actor, Seu Jorge. While both videos are brief, the first is a shorter introduction, and the second is the revelatory presentation.