Summer 2019 Eclipse Season Part One

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Painting of August 2017 Solar Eclipse by Shirley Spencer. Photo by Glenda Gilreath on Flickr. CC 2.0

Eclipse season is now upon us. Astrologer Bernadette Brady defines eclipse season as a time-period of 36 days. This time-period begins when the Sun is 18 degrees away from the node to which it is transiting nearest by conjunction, and ends after the Sun has conjoined that node and moved another 18 degrees beyond it.

The significance of the node is that this is where the eclipses occur, when a new or full moon happens within 18 degrees of its location.

Since November 2018, the nodal axis has been transiting the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. So the Cancer and Capricorn houses have really been worked since that time. They have been stimulated and sensitized. In the Whole Sign House system, Cancer and Capricorn will occupy opposite houses, so that if one eclipse is happening in the 2nd house, the other is necessarily happening in the 8th house, and if one of the eclipses is happening in the 1st house, the other is happening in the 7th house, and so on through the houses.

While events associated with the impacted topics of life can transpire at the time of eclipse seasons, the soil is continuously being worked for the duration of the nodes’ transit through these houses. Eclipses represent concentrated energy that is bursting into an area of life. If there is any rigidity, anything lodged or stuck with respect to the house or planet topic, the eclipse energy surges through and can forcefully move it. While they can, eclipse-related events do not have to happen during eclipse seasons or at the time of the eclipse. But sometimes, uncannily something or someone is literally eclipsed for the duration of eclipse season.

The upcoming eclipses each have their own energies as shown by the planetary configurations at the the time of the eclipse itself. The moment of the eclipse can be observed much like a time of birth would be for an individual’s natal chart. The configurations can be assessed a number of different ways.

Looking at eclipses through the lens of the Saros cycle, we come to understand that eclipses belong to a family with many relatives, who each can be understood in light of their own individual characteristics. But in order to get a sense of the greater flow of significance of the eclipse, it behooves us to look at them all together. This echoes the idea that the events that occur during eclipse seasons are not isolated, random incidents, but emerge as peak elements of a nuanced story that unfolds over a longer timeline.

During this eclipse season, the peak events may reflect a great deepening, an upheaval, an exit, a cleansing, a purging, a possibly uncomfortable spate of clear awareness. With an emphasis on yin signs, this eclipse season offers an opportunity for reflection and inner connection.

July 2019 Eclipse Preview

Both eclipses occur in energetic cardinal signs Cancer and Capricorn. This eclipse set is likely to have to do with initiating new events, and energy that has the quality of being energetic and active. Things get moving. As both eclipses occur in yin cardinal signs. Both of these factors show that opening ourselves to receiving creates a container for helpful information to flow through and guide our way. Anything that is eclipsed is providing the opportunity for reflection, centering, and cleansing.

What To Do During an Eclipse

A Handful of Suggestions

* Keep an oil lamp lit – use ghee, sesame, or coconut and a cotton wick (ghee will stay lit longest)

* Stay inside during the eclipse itself. It is believed that exposing oneself to the rays of an eclipse can have malefic effects. Especially if one is being personally impacted by the eclipse (if your planets are being closely aspected by the eclipse)

* Do any sadhana or spiritual practice during the moments of the eclipse. It is also good to intensify sadhana or personal spiritual practices during eclipse season itself

* Keep a mantra playing in your home as often as possible, even when you’re not home. A mantra to Lakshmi is ideal, but any mantra of your choice is perfect.

What to do During Eclipse Season Generally

‘Tis the Season to be Thoughtful

* Keep your cool

* Communicate with the utmost intention. Choose every word and thought as if you were stringing a precious necklace

* Alert others that it is eclipse season and they are advised to exercise patience and circumspection the over taking a drastic or sudden action

* Do your daily practice that keeps you calm, centered, and focused so you can act and make decisions from this beneficial place

* If possible, make important decisions after the dust has settled post-eclipse season

* Observe what is occurring internally and externally and document for later reflection

* Stay authentically joyful as much as possible

* Joy tip: do things that speak to your soul, that emerge from a call from the soul, not ONLY things that you have to do

* Joy tip: be willing to break routine or expectations to find avenues of expression for joy

* Stay positive. Obviously feel all your feelings, but it is very beneficial to make the effort to have a positive mindset and attitude during this eclipse season especially (owing to Saturn’s ongoing conjunction with the south node of the Moon).

Reflecting on Eclipses Past

One of my favorite astrological research activities is lining past astrological transits up with lived experience— what actually happened. So for this section I invite you to consider what was happening in your life over the past year, with special attention to the dates below. If it was a significant moment for you, it’s most certainly reflected in your chart. Consider what occurred, how you were being during that time, what if anything you would have done differently, and what you did that served you well.

January-February 2018

June-August 2018

December 2018-January 2019

Join me here on the blog tomorrow for part two of this transmission on eclipse season. I will be discussing the configurations of the two eclipses happening in July!

With love,


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