After being away from writing and publishing regularly for some months, I am back with an update on the current astrology for you all. And I am so happy to be back in the saddle!

If you are curious about where I’ve been, you can read a short interlude about that right here. But, if you just want to get straight to the astrology, then scroll down to the A Preview of the Current Astrology header below!

This year has been an energetic Mars-ruled year for me. On my birthday, my profected ascendant became Scorpio, making Mars the ruler of my year. Another way to say this is that Mars is my time lord, or chronocrator, this year, and I have absolutely been living in Mars’ world all year.

Without getting into too much technical astro-jargon, I will say this about my Mars year — a unique combination of astrological factors made it feel like I was in a boxing ring taking body shots for much of the last several months.

There is absolutely a positive flip side to that, and it is the other face of Mars’ alleged maleficence. This year Mars has taught me a lot about strength, will, resilience, accomplishment, progress, and power. It has taught me about the fruit of the masculine principle, as well as about its distortion when it runs wild, unbalanced, and unchecked. Also that the Mars principle — as astrologer Caroline Casey has been saying for a long time — is way out of balance in the world as a whole. That is a complex subject for another day.

But, with that brief and frosted window into what has been going on for me over the past few months, let’s explore a bit of the astrological waters we are now all swimming in.

A Preview of the Current Astrology

There are a lot of astrological changes happening in quite a brief window of time.

Just this week:

  • Jupiter changes signs and enters Sagittarius its yang home and the positive sign of its rulership. (This is mostly phenomenal news) — November 8
  • Uranus moves back into Aries for a 4 month stay (Uranus goes as far back as 28 degrees Aries) – November 6
  • The nodal axis shifts from Leo-Aquarius to Cancer-Capricorn. A nodal axis sign change happens once every 18 months, and impacts the sign emphasis in which the solar and lunar eclipses take place. – November 6

On top of that (a very Jupiter in Sagittarius phrase), on November 15 Mars finally moves out of Aquarius, where it has been for the better part of this year. And on the same day, Venus goes direct.

All this planetary shift and change means that storylines are changing. After spending the lion’s share of the year immersed in the same thematic labyrinth, a new story is now forming and emerging into the world and each of our lives.

The Jupiter ruled areas of each of our lives are about to become blessed by Jupiter’s presence. Life in these areas finds a lot of ease in growing in experience and perspective.

It also means that the areas of life that are signified by the sign of Aquarius get a rest. Mars has been inflaming, driving, and energizing the Aquarius ruled area of life in everyone’s chart since May. On November 15, Mars is on to new things.

The tenor of the atmosphere will become more noticeably yang, with Jupiter’s entry into the positive (meaning outward oriented) sign of Sagittarius, and Uranus returning to fiery Aries.

Overall, the current moment is a moment of transition. We can all adjust to the change in planetary weather by acknowledging the nature of the change and flowing with it and through it in a holistic way.

In the spirit of the Sun in Scorpio, it would be befitting to first reflect deeply on a year that has been quite intense. Scorpio energy encourages purging away anything that you choose not to take with you on your travels into this new astrological territory — whether they be attitudes, people, situations, or behaviors.

Since Mars has been in Aquarius for much of the year, it is also advisable to care for the more delicate and subtle nervous systems of our bodies. If there is a change that needs to be made in the interest of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health, this is the moment to begin to pursue nourishing healing in these areas.

What about you? I would love to hear what is going on for you, how the year has been for you, and what new territory you are stepping into now.



  1. I so understand the body slams…..been there done that for quite a while.

    Know that you are not alone!

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