Radha and Krishna. M.V. Dhurandhar. 1915 Oil on Canvas.


This post originally appeared on my instagram feed on June 19, 2018.

Mars in Aquarius opposite Venus in Leo is a very prickly aspect that is most active through Friday, June 22. Right now, Mars is rogue as it gets set to station. I urge you all to avoid initiating conflict or giving in to in-the-moment anger or aggressive responses. Do whatever you need to do to get to your zen place in situations that irritate you. Think long-term strategy vs. the satisfaction of giving in to a short term angry vent. Do not provoke those who lack self control. May you be blessed not to have to deal with any of that energy. Stay away from these types if at all possible. Mars in Aquarius speaks to strategy, distance, and cool detached analysis is your friend. And there is strength in numbers.

There is something satisfying about giving in to the heat of Mars in the moment. That hot rush to let all your better instincts fly out the window and give yourself the release of relieving the fire inside. I tell you now, that instinct is absolutely not your friend. Prep for a long game. Practice your best forms of self restraint and birds eye view thinking. This is your religion until September. And longer if you’re into it.  If you want more thoughts on the Mars retrograde cycle of 2018, refer to this post. Peace!





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