I am in the process of designing the lessons for the Introduction to the Zodiac Signs Class. The first 90 minute lesson is a deep dive into the elements and modalities of the signs.

The elements — fire, earth, air, water — can be described as the levels of density of matter. We are beginning with the elements because they form the simplest descriptions of the zodiac signs.

Often, the element that is dominantly presenting itself in a person will be more initially discernible than that person’s particular zodiac sign.

Each person is composed of a certain combination of elements, sometimes with a concentration in one or two of them and an absence of one or two of them. For example, simply knowing that a person is dominant in fire is a shorthand method of recognizing certain behaviors and activities that are expressions of the fire element — vibrant outward action-oriented release of energy. Fire is not necessarily subtle.

If that same person is dominant in fire and lacking earth, then we can safely guess that they are likely to physically push themselves, mind and body, toward outward expression, but they may need to be mindful of caring for their physical body by setting limits, nurturing stamina and endurance, and caring for the details of their physical existence.

The features of the entire natal chart and the testimony of the person will point to how things are shaping up.

In this lesson we will explore how the elements present themselves physically, temperamentally, and psychologically, and what features of life the elements are associated with. We will discuss how the elements present themselves in excess and deficiency, and how to discover which elements are present in a natal chart, and to what extent. We will discuss some remediations for elemental imbalance.

Online class begins on May 31, and is recorded for you. We already have a good group of people gathered. Click here to join us! 

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