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Synastry is the astrological technique of comparing two or more natal charts. This is popularly done in romantic relationship contexts to compare the personal features people bring into a relationship. Astrologers provide an analysis of how people complement each other and how they might poke each other’s tender spots. An astrologer can offer suggestions about how to successfully navigate relationships with the understanding of each person’s essence, leading to happier relationships that support individual and mutual growth.

Beyond the romantic context, a comparison of natal charts can be made between charts of family members, co-workers, business partners, and any interaction where two natal charts exist. A comparison can even be made for non-human to human interaction, where, for example, the chart of a notable person in a country’s history can be compared with the chart of that country.

I recently received a question about the dynamics of the Moon and Saturn in synastry. Here is my response:

The astrologer’s preamble to all questions of this type: I would have to see the whole chart(s)!

The dynamic could play a number of ways on a number of days, or a number of ways on just one day. Different features of the dynamic may be more or less dominant for different periods of time.

A lot depends on where the people are at in their respective development regarding emotional expression— the Moon’s realm, and maturity —  Saturn’s realm. The Saturn person can demand a sober maturity of the Moon person and the Moon person can respond by feeling oppressed with those demands, like they can’t simply be, but must always be grasping toward a standard.

 The Saturn person can tell it straight to the Moon person, who might otherwise be content to be comfortably suspended in the amniotic fluid of their emotional life or patterns. The Moon’s expression is instinctive and habitual. If the Moon person is on emotional autopilot, the Saturn person can be the cold bucket of ice water on the Moon person’s warm bed, — like wake up it’s time to go to work!

That being said, as with Saturn aspects to a handful of inner planets, this combination can really be relationship glue. With the right people who form a relationship for the right reasons, nothing beats Saturn contacts to certain planets for longevity and working through obstacles when times get challenging.

Another positive feature of this particular contact is that the Saturn person can also make the Moon person feel very safe, held, and contained. This seems counterintuitive, given Saturn’s cold, restrictive nature and the Moon’s soft and tender nature, but this is a way this contact can manifest.

Also, the sign that both people share in this contact is the Moon person’s stomping grounds. They are expressing that sign naturally and easily. If they have taken the time to refine expression of that sign, they can be a great boon to the Saturn person. Since Saturn can present resistance and difficult lessons associated with the sign, the Moon person can assist the Saturn person’s development with respect to the sign.

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