Astrology Readings and Birth Chart Drawings at Smile Herb Fest in College Park, MD!

Last week I set up physical shop as astrologer at the Smile Herb Fest! I was there for the day with others who were selling herbal products, jewelry, crystals, ginger juices, and sharing about alternative forms of wellness modalities.

I offered MINI astrology readings and birth chart drawings at the festival. That day was among the first sunny and warm days in the area, so plenty of people found their way to the fest, and I gathered quite a waiting list of people who were interested in having their astrological charts read. I met lots of good folk and was heartened by the public interest in and support for astrology. It felt great to get out from behind the screen to connect with friendly faces in person.

Here are some photos from the event. I shared them originally on instagram. You can follow me there to keep up with these day to day moments as they happen!



I was set up in front of the water wheel. It got pretty hot, so the splashes from the wheel were welcome. I also found meaning in the symbolism of the flowing water.



One of the birth chart drawings I did that day. That bright, friendly, smiling Venus in Sag in the ascendant is exactly what this person presented as in our interactions! 


Astrologer on Duty

It was a blast. I look forward to having more in person astrological experiences!


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