5 Stand Out Astrological Events in April 2018

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Image arranged by tumblr user clara-lux. Details of painting by Maria Van Oosterwijck.
  • The Mercury in Aries- Mars & Saturn in Capricorn square dance – April 5 and 26. First Mercury square Saturn was March 11. Last Mercury square Mars is on May 11.

This is a tight squeeze on the mind and on communications. Mercury square Saturn can represent a harsh and critical mind, but it also represents a mind that is incredibly gifted at seeing to the core truth of a thing. This mind has the ability to delineate a foggy perception and bring it into clarity. This is the wake up call to maturity, but it is a bitter medicine that ultimately creates wellness. Take the time to invite it in.

When it rains, you might wish the rain would go away, but the rain is going to stay until it is finished raining. So you wear your proper rain attire and carry an umbrella. Or stay in and create light inside to counter the gloominess outside. Or you allow the gloominess to inspire a more contemplative mode in your life.

This is a season of repeating aspects. Note what arises during this time.

There are differing ideas among different astrologers and astrological traditions about whether the planets are signs and omens of something potentially occuring, or if they are causes of sublunar occurrences.

Without a settled conclusion about that debate, I can tell you that when Mercury squares Mars and Saturn these times, you may feel inspired to look for some way to spar verbally. You may be looking for something to fight about. These are cardinal planets and they inspire the initiatiation of activity.

There are better ways to express the energy than to come to verbal blows. However, if there is something boiling inside you, it is best to give it expression, rather than to suppress it inwardly. Getting it out gives it life and creates inner space. And, importantly, it prevents the suppressed material from festering and creating blockages in the flow of energy.

In the April iteration of these squares, Mercury is retrograde. This moment is a perfect time to ask the questions that are present in your life and in your heart. Air those out. Let them be questions, and do not seek their swift resolution yet.

  • New Moon activating the Sun conjunct Uranus in Aries, April 15-18. New Moon at 26 degrees Aries is on April 15.

When the Sun creates contact with an outer planet, the areas of our life narrative that are reflecting the symbolism of that planet are made apparent in our lives.

Uranus yearns for a profound liberation. In a sense, there is no pure Uranian expression available on this Earth, not as long as one is operating within the physical laws, and not as long as one is paying the cost of entry for participating in society, with its rules, regulations, and expectations.

So, when Uranus is active, there can be quite an existential longing and deep search for an expression of some form of liberation.

There is a way in which each of us wants to be free. And that freedom might ask for a rebelliousness,  a willingness to be different, to go against the grain, and to stand proudly in that.

Avoiding the acknowledgement of this deep need to be Other is another form of suppressing a need that wants to find expression through one’s individual life and being.

The urge and yearning will be stronger for some of us than it will be for others, depending on what Uranus is doing in the natal chart, and what it is activating by transit.

At this New Moon, the Moon joins the Sun and Uranus congregation in Aries. When the Moon joins a planet, it gives that planet a corporeal expression. This is when recognizable movement is most likely to occur.

So if you want to ask, what does Uranus want to do through me, and how do I want to express this constellation of Uranian qualities, April 15 would be the day to notice the responses to those questions.

  • Jupiter in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn #2, 21 degrees – April 14

This is the second such contact of these two planets this year. Soon I will be releasing the Jupiter sextile Pluto project now in final stages of production. It is a guide to assist those who wish to work with the positive regenerative energies these planets are offering this year.

Here is a preview from the introduction in the guide:

As Jupiter and Pluto are in conversation this year, they bring a gentle urge to create change in our lives. Jupiter helps us to see the broader possibilities and positive aspects to undertaking a change that may otherwise seem daunting, overwhelming, or even a bit terrifying or dangerous. Its presence also provides help, resources, and support in some form, depending on where in your personal birth chart it is transiting while it is in Scorpio.

If you wish to be notified when the guide is released, make sure to sign up for the Atlas Astrology mailing list here!

  • Venus opposite Jupiter and trine Pluto at the same time, 21 degrees – April 16-17

There is so much planetary activity happening this month, but I had to throw in some beneficial Venus action in the highlights!

Venus in lovely, sensual, grounded Taurus, her home sign! This gives all of us an amplification of our senses, something natural to Taurus natives. Visual aesthetics are more deeply enjoyable, the sense of touch is more sensitive; fibers are truly felt when they are touched. This is why Taurus folk have a reputation for loving soft fabrics. There is a special connection to music, and a heightened ability to discern between symphony and cacophony. It is a time to enjoy, appreciate, and create beauty. Tauruses are among the gifted artists of the zodiac (Libras are the other notorious artists).

On these two days, Venus makes contact with Jupiter, the planet of largesse, blessings, protection, wealth, opportunity, and possibility. Two beautiful beneficial planets meeting in opposition. An aspect that definitely invites indulgence and an invitation to open up into the greater expanses of life.

With both benefics contacting Pluto, there is a touch of the underworld present in these aspects. Powerful desires are asking to be grappled with. They are desires to change, to shed the old, and to move toward something that would create more groundedness and peace. These changes may seem daunting or dangerous, overwhelming, or unfathomable. But the planets point to the facts that 1) there is support and help, 2) this would lead to beneficial growth and 3) there is a plan that can be crafted that could make this go more smoothly.

With trines between earth signs Taurus and Capricorn, pay attention to the earth of your being. What are the facts of your life. How does your body feel and is there a way you can love it more. How does your bank account feel and is there a way you can love it more. How does your living space feel, and is there a way you can make it more supportive of you. Remember that the facts of the spirit powerfully influence the facts of the material world.

  • Mars conjunct Pluto retrograde at 21 degrees Capricorn – April 25-26

This is a time when action is in service to a powerful change. This is a moment for reflection before action. Pluto’s recent retrograde on April 21 brings visceral awareness of the areas of life that are agitating us. They are nudging us to create space in our lives for change. These agitations are saying that they are wanting to bring something new into the life. The new things might require a relinquishment of a previously established way of being. But it is uncomfortable to shed a comfortable mode of existence, in order to step into something unknown.

If you feel the nudges, pay attention to the nudges. And look for the support, because it is also present.

With Mars contacting a newly retrograde Pluto, the actions at this time are assisting to shed and to begin the process of rewriting the previous mode of existence. Be intentional about being aware of what is happening at this time. Ask your deepest self what it wants as you design your plan of action.

If you are looking for more concrete hints with respect to this, the Jupiter sextile Pluto project I will be releasing soon includes horoscopes and suggestions for each sign. Sign up for the Atlas Astrology mailing list and check back here on the website soon for its release.

Wishing you lots of deep satisfaction,

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