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Capricorn is a sign of substance. It doesn’t do fake, because fake is not real. What is real is actual emotion, actual disposition, actual knowledge, actual experience. Real is showing up, rolling up sleeves, applying effort, learning and doing first hand. Real is the clarity present in silence and solitude, discerning the truth for oneself. It is taking the time to know what you really want, how you really feel, what you really want to do, and creating the conditions for all of those things to take place.

You have everything you need and you could stop reading here if you wanted to 🙂

But if you wish to read on, then, be my welcome guest.

The theme of substance is amplified because there are consequential planets in Capricorn right now — Mars, Saturn, and Pluto. This week, they are all being activated.

So here is how it plays — if something is flimsy, it becomes clear, especially over the next week. If it’s a lot of bravado without actual muscle, if the words are pretty/apologetic/longing, but so hollow you’d hear your voice call back to you 10 times if you said something into them, that also becomes clear.

If you’ve been faithfully supporting a delusion, feeding an insecurity 3 square meals a day and snacks in between, or avoiding the truth of what actually needs to happen, then that becomes clear.

The square aspect is very prevalent in the astrology of the next several weeks. This geometric relationship points to tension caused by two forces meeting at the crossroads they create when they see each other. The tension creates a new situation where something that has been an issue has the volume turned up on it.

In some way, the issue should be resolved. The forces can harmonize through a mutual understanding, or they can separate.

Both malefics perform a separation function. Under this astrology, it is easy to feel unusually scissor happy.

Without substantial aspects from the benefics, who unify, it is easy to both discern and cut the wheat from the chaff.

Yet, this is a flash point. Right now the Sun is moving into a square with Saturn, right as it pulls away from a square with Mars. This square is important flashpoint because it is like the first quarter Moon phase of the monthly lunar cycle. We see where we’re at with Saturn. A light is shined and we may receive hints or nudges, or gentle/forceful pushes in some direction 😉

A conflict now doesn’t necessarily mean whatever it is needs to get fully scrapped, but something likely needs to change. The will to create change is present. This moment is an opportunity to set a higher standard and expectation, and not to compromise on them.

Know when your direct action is needed, and when your proactive defense is the only thing required.

Finally, it’s important to know that Mercury is retrograde. It has been sitting at the same degree since March 19, and will move from that degree on the 26th. This is the inhale, the suspended space, the exploratory mind turned inward. And this action is appropriate to this pause, and yields some hearty insight.

As Mercury goes direct (April 14), more will have been discovered that may have been in plain sight all along, and that which was unknown will be revealed.

Wishing you all the positive action, illuminating fire, and confidence bestowing substance this uber cardinal season has to offer!



  1. Thank you for writing this! I have definitely been feeding my insecurities three meals a day, if not more…time to go inward.

    1. Yes! ♥️♥️♥️ Give them some greens and ask them what they want. Feed your entrees to the good guys 🙂

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