Otgon Bayarershuu

This is the opening square, like the Moon’s first quarter square, of Venus’ conjunction with Saturn back in late December, right around Christmas. Venus in Aries squaring Saturn in Capricorn at 8 degrees speaks to the drive to actualize what feels good to the self running right into a wall of any kind.

This aspect says notice where you are displacing your own responsibility for shaping events. Step into the full power of knowing you have a significant say in how things go. Articulate your desire and create the circumstances that allow for the unfolding of that desire.

Be mindful of the corrosive influence of Saturn. It can feel easy to want to destroy something — a relationship, your own sense of self worth, a vision or a dream. It can feel easy to participate in self harm by unkind words or actions toward self.

That is what happens if you give into to the feeling of resistance Saturn generates. And the thing is, giving in to Saturn’s resistance is the path of least resistance.

Fury is a secret response to suffocation by stasis.

The one thing that Venus in Aries wants more than getting moving and moving on to the next thing, is to be able to express it SELF and to be it SELF in its fullness.

No one knows better than YOUR SELF what you need to flourish, to nourish your soul, to feed your spirit, to make your life what you need it to be to be fulfilled.

And what Saturn is saying, is, yes, this is true, but also, do you know what you need, and secondly, what’s your plan. Homie.

You need to be very clear on what you want and need, so you can go about creating the conditions for those things to come about.

Same thing in love.

What is coming up in relationships now is a test of integrity. Integrity, related to the word integral, comes from the latin integritatem. Which means wholeness, completeness. It means every disparate floating part comes back into the essence it belongs to.

It means that you can’t get away from whatever the core essential issues are. It means you have to be honest with yourself first before you can be honest with someone else, about what your needs and desires are in relationship.

It means that if something is basically sound, the divergences do not create dealbreaker rifts.
It means that if a union was built on a rotting foundation to begin with, you can’t be surprised when the building collapses.

You work with this energy by setting a standard and making it known.

Saturn speaks to maturity, patience, and self clarity. It is the most honest honesty out there. Nothing real can be threatened.

If nothing else, honor the presence of the emotions by giving them outward expression with your physical body, with a ritual act, or with an act of creation.

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