5 Stand-Out Astrological Events of March 2018

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And a list of little notes about astro to watch at the end!

  1. Exodus of Planets to Aries

For three weeks the environment has been saturated in the rays of slippery, watery Pisces. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and mostly we’ve cried. I’ve seen a lot of tears this Pisces season. We’ve definitely had access to a broader spectrum of emotion than usual.

But that changes from March 6, when Mercury and Venus enter the potent very first degree of the zodiac, degree 0 of Aries.

We move from receiving to exerting. From not minding if things happen at their own pace to wanting them to happen immediately. From accepting events as they are to shaping events in a mold of our own making. From not being sure what exactly it is we want, to either being certain of what we want, or doing as many things as possible until we discover what we like.

Hot fire replaces wet water and we are filled with the fresh life, unending confidence, and bright vitality of the child of eternal possibilities, Aries.

 2. Venus conjunct Mercury through the equinox

The planet that can bring things together and the planet of communication travel very closely together for the first three weeks of the month.

Then, as Mercury is slowing down and preparing for retrograde, the planets finally meet in another conjunction (the first was during the days surrounding the Full Moon in Virgo on March 1).

Watch for something to come together. A plan that has been in the works finds its expression. A decision is made and acted on. A project that has been nurtured finds the partner to give birth to it. A relationship dynamic is revealed — but use the power of these two planets together to actively discuss individual needs and arrive at mutual agreements, rather than to steamroll through your own needs, flattening them, or steamrolling through considering the other person, making them feel unacknowledged. There is a mutually beneficial experience that can be discovered if that Aries tendency to me-ify everything is actively mitigated.

If things get heated or complex, take a walk and let the situation breathe before arriving at any conclusions or course of action. Saturn peering over at all that Aries from Capricorn says, yo, if it’s real and true and good for you, it will be there after you take the time to think and feel things through to decide what’s best for you.

3. Planets in Aries square Planets in Capricorn 

As each planet in Pisces makes its way into Aries, it will square Saturn in Capricorn.

While Aries and Capricorn are both moveable, cardinal signs — signs focused on initiating things, changing the situation into something new and different, and getting the ball rolling, these two signs have different MOs.

Aries qualities are dynamic, immediate, and outwardly radiating. They bring life and possibility into the environment and any situation they are a part of.

Capricorn, on the other hand, is fine with things requiring time to develop. It understands the value of things that stand the test of time, and the patience, resilience, fortitude and maturity needed to have this kind of worldview.

So, when Mercury, then Venus, then the Sun all square Saturn in Capricorn this month, this tension is amplified. The square aspect suggests that there will be an adjustment between the impulse to take immediate action and doing the right thing, which might ask of us that we develop a more farsighted, more mature strategy.

Saturn puts a block, a pause, an obstacle, and a delay. It encourages us to work through this rather than around them. It brings older, wiser people into our lives to show us what the work of living a whole life is composed of. It shows us the places in our lives we can stand to wait, to realize we can do things differently, or that we want something different than we think we do, or that what we want is not actually good for us.

There is also the reality that is exposed in the harsh light of Saturn’s glare. There is tremendous use to this light — but do not let healthy appraisal devolve into flagellation of self, other, or situation. Keep it constructive. #KeepitConstructive

4. Mars enters its exaltation in Capricorn — March 17

Alright. Is this or is this not the one we’ve all been waiting for? Mars does exceedingly well in Capricorn.

Their principles are complimentary, let’s say. Mars wants to get sh*t done, and so does Capricorn.

But Capricorn tempers Mars’ heat and desire for immediacy. It says, hey. Instead of scattering your energy in different directions trying to make something happen, why don’t you create an organized, systematic plan and carry it out to the letter, allowing for well-considered adjustments, letting nothing avert your gaze from your aim, not doubt, not failure, not setbacks.

Mars in Capricorn is a very confident Mars. Often, quietly confident. It knows what it can achieve. It does more walking than talking. And it is incredibly effective.

So in the spirit of Mars in Capricorn, let’s move on to the next notable astro feature of March.

5. Jupiter slows down and stations retrograde — March 8

When Jupiter stations retrograde, it is an invitation to look into the situations and people that have served to help us to grow. It is time to review how these growth catalysts have developed in our lives, and in what ways we have deepened because of them.

Jupiter in Scorpio has been so much about healing deeply entrenched harmful sexual dynamics that are baked into patriarchy.

It has also been about the beneficence of being invited to deepen into some aspect or ourselves or our lives.

It has been about mutually supportive energy exchanges, and finding comfort with what is dark, what is negative, what has been shamed, what has been suppressed, what has been the irritating pebble in the shoe that the foot seems to have grown around, accommodating the intruder. It has been about the gentle and loving process of expelling that.

So when Jupiter stations retrograde, it’s not that all forward movement ceases (although I would be the first to make a positive case for voluntary, regular retreat), but that the method and purpose of forward movement serving growth is examined more closely, so it can be resumed from a place of honesty, to create soul-affirming nutritive experiences.

I would love to hear how Jupiter retrograde goes for you. Come back to this post and check in when something notable occurs. <3

And a Little List of Astro to Watch For!

Program these into your calendar as reminders, so that you can maneuver around and dance with the prevailing forces of the moment!

  1. Moon conjunct Jupiter – March 7 — Amplified and heightened enthusiastic & powerful emotion.

  2. Moon conjunct Saturn as Saturn moves to a new degree for the first time – March 11 — Note what is developing at this time as it is an indication of the Saturn in Capricorn story specific to you.

  3. Sun trine Jupiter retrograde — March 13 – A spotlight on the Jupiter Rx examination process detailed above.

  4. Sun conjunct Chiron  – March 18 — Watch for an invitation to healing a core emotional challenge; it may come in the form of an advanced healing modality, or through a teacher or wise person of some kind.

  5. Moon conjunct Venus – March 18 — Usually a sweet influence, can bring situations and people together for better or worse

  6. Pluto hits 21 degrees Capricorn for the first time — Usually when a planet moves on to a new degree, a corresponding new situation or development can be expected.

  7. Sun enters Aries – March 20 — Happy equinox!!! Seasonally, it is the beginning of a new year, and the beginning of Spring in the northern hemisphere!

  8. Sun square Mars — March 20-25 — Refer to Planets in Aries squaring Planets in Capricorn above!

  9. Mercury Retrograde at 16 degrees Aries – March 22 — 3 weeks of playing by the trickster’s rules. Search Mercury Retrogade in the search bar of this blog to read more about this transit.

  10. Venus square Pluto – March 23-24 — Emotions may run a bit complex. Be willing to let things go in the moment. Be willing to confront the truth in your own soul first. Be willing to erect strong, firm boundaries against those elements you do not wish to be a part of your experience.

  11. Sun square Saturn — March 28 — A key development point in the Saturn cycle. We learn how we are doing with our Saturn transits.

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Wishing you a wonderful month of March!


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