Photo of Jupiter’s Northern Latitudes by Kevin M. Gill

The Sun always exactly trines Jupiter after Jupiter has turned retrograde or before it turns direct.

The most powerful celestial spotlight is turned directly onto Jupiter when Jupiter is stationing, when Jupiter is at its most juiced up, amplified, and powerful.

Jupiter is a planet you want to pay attention to, because unless you’re a masochist or enjoying the spiritual benefits of austerity, we all like the things Jupiter has to offer. Jupiter is the planet of wealth, friendliness, luck, optimism, happiness, wisdom, faith, magnanimity, glory, beneficence, and on….

The flip side of positive Jupiter expression is going overboard, taking on too much, feeling so good that responsibility is rejected, taking excess risk because of the belief that you’ll always land on your feet.

What these past few days have been pointing to is the Jupiter story in your life. To begin to discern what this is, ask yourself, what are you feeling you need more of in your life? What do you feel like would make you grow, flourish, become bigger, feel freer, feel more fully self-expressed? What does that look like for you? How can you bring more of it into your life?

As Jupiter has just recently reversed motion, make a plan to take action on something that will make your heart explode into a billion bits of confetti.

With love,

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  1. With all the other astrological stuff happening this week I almost forgot about Jupiter, thanks for the reminder!

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